Prowl With Panther Pride



Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment with quality instruction in order to prepare confident life-long learners. 

Students of the Month April-May

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to our students of the month for April and May. Below are the statements written by the teachers that nominated them:

7th Grade: Bailey Savage--Bailey is always smiling and happy. She loves to help other students and she is a great student hereself. What an example!

8th Grade: Haillie Wimmer--Haillie is an excellent example to other students. She works hard, is friendly, and doesn't allow herself to be distracted in class. She is a pleasure to teach.

Panther Praise Winners April 14th - 18th

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to our panther praise winners for the week of April 14th - 18th.

All of the 7th graders were nominated by Mrs. Isakson:  Terry Crow, Madison Hutchings, Jordan Mathews

8th Graders:  Jennifer Woodhall--Mr. Deming, Seydy Varela--Mrs. Solorzano, Tanner Pyne--Mrs. Bennett

All of the 9th graders were nominated by Mrs. Solorzano: Lizbeth Tinoco, Jose Leiva, Jonathan Rodriguez

Hope Squad 2013-2014


The Mt. Nebo Junior High HOPE Squad is headed up by one of our counselors, Mr. Hiatt. Students that are selected for the HOPE Squad were nominated by their peers as someone they can talk to, and who is friendly and kind to others. The purpose of the HOPE Squad is to train squad members in leadership and suicide awareness in order to assist and help peers who are suffering from depression or who may be suicidal. We are committed to empowering students to seek help and save a life.

National Librarian Week


This week is the National Librarian week and we want to thank Mrs. Durrant for all she does for our school! She has so much knowledge about the books available in our library and knows what our students like to read. She is also getting an e-book system set up for our students and has organized reading baskets for every classroom. She does all this and so many more things to help our school. Thank you Mrs. Durrant!