Awards Assembly


This week we held our annual Awards Assembly to celebrate all of our hard working students! Students were recognized for their high achievements with their grades as well as leadership and good attendance. The following are just some of the awards our students earned: 

Student who achieved a 4.0 in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade (pictured from L to R): JoLynn Paddock, Mason Lindstrom, Heidi Liddle, Janie Coon and Haylee Carlile.

Terrific Kids


Each year our faculty and staff nominate some "Terrific Kids" in our school. These students are hard workers, kind to others and all around great examples of excellent citizenship. They were honored at this year's awards assembly held on Wednesday, May 20th. This years Terrific Kids are:

9th Grade (pictured from L to R): Jordee Anderson, Jentry Betts, Giovani Vargas, Marco Rojas, Fritz-Carl Morlant and Morgan Beveridge. 

8th Grade (pictured from L to R): Shawnee Anderson, Rebeca Knapp, Aubrey Ramirez, McKenzie Tucker and Eliza Lindstrom. 

Clothing and Textiles Course


Our 9th grade clothing students have been working hard this year. This is a basic introductory course where students are introduced to sewing and pressing equipment, textiles and introductory level projects. Charley Griffin and Hailey Burr are showing off their good work!