Utah's Online Library

Any citizen of Utah has access to the databases found on the Utah's Online Library Website. If using these at home, please remember that you need to know the password to authenticate your usage. See the librarian if you need this password.

Click here to access Utah's Online Library:  http://onlinelibrary.uen.org/k12/index.jsp

Remember also that the school has purchased for your use both at school and at home the extended World Book Web database. If using the program at home the username is: mnjhs and the password is: panther for authentication.

Click here to access the World Book Web database: http://www.worldbookonline.com

In January, 2015, the district purchased for our use the following two databases: SIRS Discoverer at http://discoverer.sirs.com and SIRS Researcher at http://sks.sirs.com. The username is: NeboSIRS and the password is: Library5