School Community Council

Members of the MNJHS SCC Council

Troy Peterson, Principal, 801-465-6040

Linda Durrant, SCC Facilitator (Non-Voting Member), 801-465-6040

Marlies Mathews, Counselor (Non-Voting Member,, 801-465-6040

Lynn Harmer, Teacher,, 801-6040

Kurt Krieger-James, Teacher,, 801-6040

Brenda McFarland, PTA President,, 706-715-7276

Jeff Hansen, Parent,, 801-372-9711

Heather Stinson, Parent,, 801-609-7989

Cheryl Carter, Parent,, 435-610-08360

Brooke Mcfadden, Parent,, 801-367-9713

September 11th Agenda

1. Introductions

2. Confirm contact information for school website

3. Review Rules of Order/Procedures and date and time of meetings.

4. Review 2017-18 School Improvement Plan

5. Review current Land Trust Plan and Budget

6. Prowl Time and Discovery Update

7. SCC Training Video

8. Elect New Chair and Vice Chair

9. Additional School Needs and Concerns


September 11th Minutes (Draft)

 Members in attendance: Troy Peterson, Linda Durrant, Marlies Mathews, Lynn Harmer, Kurt Krieger-James, Tom Rather, Brooke Mcfadden, Jeff Hansen, Cheryl Carter and Brenda McFarland. Special guest: Kendell Call.

 Meeting convened at 3:32 p.m.

 1. May Minutes were approved by 100% of Members in attendance.

 2. Members introduced themselves and specified what role they held on the committee.

 3. Basic Roberts Rules of Order and procedures were explained and how they functioned during a meeting.

 4. Voted to hold meetings on the first Monday of every month at 3:30 p.m. in the Panther Den.

 5. Reviewed the 2017-18 School Improvement Plan which consists of four areas: A. 77% of students will have no deficient grades on their end-of-term report cards. B. Use Trust Land money to decrease class size: provide opportunities for teachers to attend professional development; and continue to purchase equipment for the classroom (Chromebook, LCD projectors, etc.). C. Continue to implement a project-based learning model around 21st century skills called Discovery. D. Continue to increase student vocabulary by maintaining a school-wide vocabulary acquisition plan.

 6. Reviewed current Land Trust Plan and budget to be used to reduce class-size, provide training for teachers, and purchase needed equipment for classrooms. Budget should be around $60,000. The exact amount will be determined after the October Student Enrollment Count.

 7. Mr. Peterson explained the changes in our Prowl Time and Discovery classes. He introduced the Student Passport booklet that a core teacher can stamp if the student needs extra instruction time on a concept. Students must then report to that class on Tuesday and Thursday at the beginning of Prowl Time. All other students report to their base class where they can read, do homework, or work on an enrichment project if the teacher chooses to provide them. Discovery class will remain the same except for the way students can register for a class. Last year each grade was given a chance to register first, but this year every student has the same chance of getting the class they want because registration is open at the same time for everyone. The school will continue to tweak these processes as needed.

 8. The SCC training video was shown to the committee with a brief explanation of the various roles each person serves.

 9. Brooke Mcfadden was elected to serve as the SCC Chairperson, with Cheryl Carter serving as the Vice Chair.

 10. A concern about students using their fingerprint as a way to check-in to class for attendance in one class was brought up. Mr. Peterson will check with the teacher and try and get some direction from the district as to the legality of this practice.

 Meeting adjourned at 4:28 p.m. Next meeting to be held on October 2nd.


October 2nd Agenda

  1. Discovery Class Offerings
  1. 2017-18 Estimated Budget
      1. Approx. $93 X 704 students = $65,472
      2. Carryover from 2016-17 = $3993
  1. Review current Land Trust Spending Plan
  2. Finger Print Roll Taking
  3. District Math Framework
  4. Upcoming Bond
  1. School Needs and Concerns

We are here to serve you, please feel free to contact any member of the council if you have a question or request.

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