School Community Council

Members of the MNJHS SCC Council

Troy Peterson, Principal, 801-465-6040

Jenn Moxon, Counselor, Jenn 801-465-6040

Linda Durrant, SCC Facilitator, (Non-Voting Member), 801-465-6040

Coleen Huff, Faculty,, 801-465-6040

Rock White, Faculty,, 801-465-6040

Vicki Hatch, Faculty,, 801-465-6040

Brenda McFarland, PTA President,, 706-715-7276

Jeff Hansen, Parent,, 801-372-9711

Todd Kirkpatrick, Parent,, 801-376-2345

Brooke McFadden, Parent,, 801-367-9713

Michelle Charles, Parent, Chairman,, 801-465-0583

We are here to serve you, please feel free to contact any member of the council if you have a question or request.

Trustland Summary Report 2015-16

Each year schools throughout the state receive School Trust Lands money to help run programs, pay for personnel, purchase equipment and supplies, etc. Each fall we are to report to parents how the money for the previous school year (2015-16) was used. During the 2015-16 school year Mt. Nebo Jr. received $44,798 in School Trust Land money. Of this $22,158 was used for a technician’s salary to provide support services to students and the school, $8000 for teacher professional development, $2759 for literacy testing software, and $6476 for computers (Chromebooks). The remaining money will be used for the 2016-17 School Trust Lands plan. 

Meeting schedule for 2016/17-TBA

Agenda for October 17, 2016

1. Introductions and review of the Major Roles of the SCC Committe.

2. Confirm contact information

3. Review Rules of Order/Procedures

4. Review Calendar for Monthy Meetings

5. Review changes to SCC laws from 2016 Legislative session

6. Review 2016-17 School Improvement Plan

7. Review Current Land Trust Plan and Budget

8. College Tours

9. Elect Chair and Vice-Chair

11. School Needs and Concerns

12. Adjourn

Minutes for October 17, 2016

Attendees: Candice Brooks, Michelle Charles, Brent Corry, Brooke McFadden, Brenda McFarland, Troy Peterson, Jenn Moxon, Coleen Huff, Vicki Hatch, and Rock White.

Meeting began at 3:32 p.m.

1. Committee members took turns introducing themselves. 

2. Committee members confirmed their contact information for use within the committee and for the school website.

3. Review of the Simplified "Robert's Rules of Order" for meetings. All business shall be done utilizing the Motion, Second, Table, and Voting processes.

4. Review of calendar for monthly meetings. Meetings were orginally schedule for the second Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. There is some conflict among the faculty that this day interfered with District Collaboration. It was proposed that meetings take place on the first Monday of the month. This motion was tabled until two committee members who could attend could give their input.

5. There were no significant changes to SCC laws from the 2016 legislative session. However, the committee was informed concerning the type of filtering on computers within the district. It was noted that filtering differed from Elementary, to Junior High, to High School, and Faculty and Staff.

6. Reviewed the 2016-17 School Improvement Plan. With the change in Administration and educational approach, many of the current goals will need to be rewritten in order to accomplish our academic focus for this year. This is an item that the SCC will need to work on in the next session.

7. Reviewed the current Land Trust Plan and budgeting. As with the School Improvement Plan, this plan will need to be reworked at our next meeting. 

8. College Tours to BYU. the University of Utah, UVU, Snow College, and MATC are being offered to 9th grade students this school year by the Counseling Department. Research shows that the more students will attend some form of after-graduation program if introduced to what is available in the 9th grade. 

9. Candice Brooks was elected to the SCC Chair position, with Michelle Charles serving as Vice-Chair with 100% attendees voting in favor.

10. Committee members reviewed their major roles on the committee. Some of the important roles include: Participation in the development of the SChool Improvement Plan and Land Trust Plan; advise the administration on local school issues; review state testing data; etc. More information is available at:

11. Two concerns were brought up to the committee. One issue concerned swearing in the school. Is it allowed? and how is it dealt with? Mr. Peterson replied that swearing is not allowed in school. However, the reality of catching everyone is impossible. When students are referred to the administration, they work individually with each one to try on emphasis the importance of using appropriate language in all situations. The second issue concerned the change in Panther Prowl time this year. With our current educational model, it was a better fit for us to go to a twice a week remediation and enrichment program. While this cuts down a little bit on time, it provides greater emphasis and time to complete assignments, take tests, and enjoy activities without all of the prep and clean-up time.

Meeting adjourned at 4:28 p.m

Minutes for December 5, 2016

 Members in attendance: Troy Peterson, Rock White, Vicki Hatch, Coleen Huff, Jeff Hansen, Brooke Mcfadden, Michelle Charles, and Brenda McFarland.

 Meeting started at 3:34 p.m.

 1. October Minutes were approved

2. Mr. Peterson review current changes to the SCC Laws from the 2016 Utah Legislative Session with the council. These changes are in regards to the type of filters used by the district for all electronic devices, access to YouTube, Google Images, etc. sites, and additional management systems available. The district has opted to use a program that is presented at each school called NetSmartz. This program educates students on safe internet use and how to be good digital citizens. Last item covered was how the district deals with access of inappropriate internet content by students and staff.

3. Mr. Peterson presented the revised School Land Trust Plan and Budget for this year. Most of the budget remained the same or close to what was originally budgeted, with the exception of more money being placed in the Salaries and Benefits category for school technicians, less money for Professional Development and money for equipment reduced to zero because other money sources are covering that.. The council approved adoption by an 8-0 vote.

4. Mr. Peterson presented the option for the Team Leadership Committee here at Mt. Nebo to work on and present to the council in February, a copy of the revised 2016-17 School Improvement Plan. The council voted 8-0 to accept this proposal and looks forward to hearing from the Team Leadership Committee at the next meeting.

5. Mr. Peterson mentioned that several 9th grade students have had the opportunity to visit two college campus. Both visits to UVU and BYU went well, with four additional campus visits planned for the future.

6. New Business: The Council was curious as to how Discovery was working. Mr. Peterson had each teacher in attendance explain what they were doing in their class and how they felt about the opportunity to provide this program to students. The council was impressed with what is happening and was encouraged about the future of the program.

7. Due to the December/January holiday break, our next meeting will be held on February 6th.

8. Adjourned at 4:38 p.m.

February 6 Minutes (Draft)

Members in attendance: Troy Peterson, Rock White, Vicki Hatch, Jenn Moxon Jeff Hansen, Brooke Mcfadden, and Brenda McFarland.

Meeting started at 3:36 p.m.

 1. December Minutes were approved

2. Mr. Peterson reviewed the school’s academic goal for this year of having 23% or less of our students with a “D” or “F”. We met our goal 1st term with a total of 23.3% compared to 35.5% from the 2015-16 school year. Current data for 2nd term is still being compiled and will be available for the next SCC meeting.

3. Mr. Peterson presented for discussion and approval the revised School Improvement Plan for this school year. The plan can be seen and reviewed on the School Site under the School Community Council pafe. The council approved the plan unanimously.

4. Mr. Peterson reported that our very first Discovery Showcase was well attended. 164 movie passes were handed out to students who attended and a great deal of popcorn was consumed by attendees. Overall attendance was greater than seen at regular Parent/Teacher Conferences. The next showcase will be held May 11th.

5. Mr. Peterson presented the preliminary budget for Trustlands to the council. The budget is the same as this years:

                        Salaries and Benefits-$53,200

                        Professional Development-4,585

                        Other Purchased Services-0





 The council approved the budget unanimously.

6. Mr. Peterson asked for suggestions from the council concerning the spending of possible surplus money for 2017-18. Technology, audio enhancement for classrooms, UVU Partnership equipment, and teacher mini-grants were suggestions offered by council members.

7. School Needs and Concerns:

            a. Mrs. Moxon reported that the Counseling Department saw between 80 and 90%

                parent involvement in their recent CCR’s.

            b. Jeff Hansen brought up reports of student bullying and wondered what things

                were available to help bullied students. Mr. Peterson reported that classroom

                teachers, the Counseling Department and the Administration work closely in

                assessing and providing help for both student and parents. The school also has a

                student Hope Squad that is tasked with recognizing and befriending those

                students who are being bullied and might need a listening ear and friend.

            c. Jenn Moxon reported that the 9th grade college tours were going well and that they will soon be taking

               students to Snow College and the MATC in the coming months.

8. New Business:

            a. Mrs. Moxon presented “Beauty and the Beast” or “Wonder” as the possible reward movies for

                students who received a 4.0 report card sometime during the year. Students would attend on March

    21st. The council approved these choices.

9. Adjourned at 4:32 p.m.

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