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February 2012

Job Shadow

Submitted by ts on Thu, 02/02/2012 - 11:15
by Mackensie wood

This morning  the seventh graders got to job shadow about a job they learned about. What is job shadowing? Its when somebody shows you what they are woking on for their job and you get to watch them the whole time.  I did my job shadow  with my uncle David and he is a webmaster and he does school websites in Nebo School District.  I helped my uncle with the photos for the Nebo website. I edited them on to their website. I  also posted them when I was done editing. I also helped out with new maps and with the interactive map that is not even out yet. We found the boudries and we made a box so people can know how to use the search.

I am typing my job shadow report on the school's website which is cool cause nobody else can do that. It was really fun!

- Mackensie

I don't know if all the seventh graders got to have as much fun a Mackensie did, but I do know that none of them got to post their Evaluation right on the school website as part of the Job Shadow experince. How awesome is that! I guess there are some perks to having your uncle be the webmaster for Nebo School District.

You might think that as a Job Shadow Mackensie would just sit in the corner and watch, but NO, she was a big help. I put her to work helping me with many of the updates that are required from day to day.

Good Job Mackensie! You were a great Job Shadow!

David Wadley
Nebo School District Webmaster

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