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February 2013

Job Shadow

Submitted by ts on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 13:53
by Ben Wood
Job Shadow - Ben is webmaster for a day

What is job shadowing you might ask? Job shadowing is when you go with either a relative, a parent, or even your neighbor to their work, and see what they do for the community. Job shadowing is mostly done by Seventh graders, and for Mt. Nebo, Job shadowing was done today February 1, 2013. So for my job shadowing experience, I job shadowed David Wadley, who is the Webmaster of the Nebo District. 

After a brief preview of what a webmaster does, we posted a story on the Employee page. That may sound boring, but we were just getting started, the work became much more fun. My Grandma is also a webmaster for East Meadows Elementry. She asked me update the faculty pictures on her website, David and I decided to play a prank on her, and this is the picture we uploaded for her. ---> Monkey Wearing Glasses

She thought that was funny. After that bit of fun, we edited the logo for Diamond Fork Junior High School, then we approved and disaproved pictures, that had been submitted to the Nebo District random images that are featured on the district home page. (Here is one that got approved: Then to wrap things up, he made me type this article as my evaluation for my Job Shadow experience.

I've always said that I get to play for a living, and today my nephew Ben got to experience it first hand (I'm not just referring to the prank we played on grandma). It was fun to see him actually get excited about all the cool programs I get to use, and the variety of task that can actually be quite enjoyable. But, lest you think it was all fun and games, I made sure he got involved and actually did a good chuck of real "work".

Thanks for the help today.

David Wadley
Nebo School District Webmaster

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