April 2016

Five for Five April 25th to 29th

Congratulations to our students who qualified to win the Five Dollars for Five Days of perfect attendance.
7th grade did not qualify--eligible for $10.00 next week

8th grade did not qualify--eligible for $15.00 next week

9th grade:  Emaleigh Adams won $5.00


Panther Praise Winners April 25th to 29th


Congratulations to our Panther Praise Winners for the week of April 25th to April 29th:7th Grade: Tayla Gaisford (Mrs. Reber), Aspyn Bagley, (Mrs. Reber), Jayden Nielson (Mrs. Larsen)8th Grade: Cheyene Ballard (Mrs. Hanks), Solomone Tongi (Mrs. Poulson), Kaydon Radmall (Mrs. Wright)9th Grade: RebekahAnn Rash (Mr. Wright), Treyden Proctor (Mr. White), Bailey Savage (Mrs. Huff)


Five for Five Winners April 18th to 22nd


Congratulations to our five dollars for five days of perfect attendance for the week of April 18th to 22nd.

7th grade: Steven Nordell $10.00

8th grade:  did not qualify

9th grade:  Tanner Peterson $5.00


Panther Praise Winners April 18th - 22nd


Congratulations to our Panther Praise winners for the week of April 18th to 22nd.

7th Grade: Skyler Johnson (Mrs. Reber), LaShelle Hernandez (Mr. White), Lizzie Burke (Mrs. Capell)

8th Grade: Luke Macdonald (Mrs. Eliason), Ezra Rose (Mr. White), Zac Cotton (Mrs. Dinkel)

9th Grade: Samuel Hannig (Mrs. Bennett), Lexi Rosenberg (Mrs. Eliason), Jenna Osborn (Mrs. Eliason)


April/May students of the month


Congratulations to our Students of the Month for April and May:

Colby Orton (7th)

Colby is every teacher’s dream: he’s respectful, hard-working and fun to have in class. Who could ask for more?

Emma Lundell (8th)

Emma is always willing to help get things done, even when she has a lot of other things on her plate. And she helps with a smile on her face.

Marcos Godiñez-Vargas (7th)

Marcos is a very intelligent, hard-working guy who likes to fly under the radar. He never brags about his accomplishments, but just does whatever needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

David Wagner (8th)

David is a great student and tries so hard at everything he does.  He has amazing enthusiasm that just makes everyone around him happy.

Jessica Villatoro (9th)

Jessica has been working hard to keep her grades up and do well in school. When she understands math concepts, she enjoys helping her friends with their assignments. I have been impressed with her recent efforts to be prepared for class every day!

Natalie Spencer (9th)

Natalie is self-motivated and committed to her education.  I like that she's on the newspaper staff, has been an outstanding TA, contributes to the class discussions, and is an all-around example of excellence.


Panther Praise Winner April 11-15


Congratulations to our Panther Praise Winners for the week of April 11th to 15th.

7th Grade: Alex Fortenberry (Mrs. Larsen), Maria Aguirre (Mrs. Huff), Emma Zeeman (Mrs. Huff)

8th Grade: Andres Velazquez (Mrs. Larsen), Bridger Wilson (Mrs. Wright), Isaac Poulsen (Mrs. Wright)

9th Grade: Kyler Robbins (Mrs. Huff), Brisa Rodriguez (Mrs. Miller), Teagan Leifson (Ms. Daniels)


Science Fair--BTY


MNJHS students competed in the annual Central Utah STEM Fair on March 31st at BYU. Participants from Mt. Nebo were: Chloee Bird, Trevan Stevenson, Hayley Bassir, Breiann Carter, Dexton Draper, Kaydon Dymock, Ashley Graham, Hayden Heaton, Dallas Jensen, Rebecca Knapp, Teagan Leifson, Merrell Morley, Tanner Peterson, Michael Savage, and Sayley Torzillo. The following were presented with awards:

Rebecca Knapp--Award from the American Psychological Association

Merril Morley, Tanner Peterson and Michale Savage--3rd in Energy and Transportation

Hayden Heaton and Dallas Jensen--American Meteorological Society and the ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative and 2nd place in Environmental Science

Hayden and Dallas won the I Sweep award and were given an all-expense paid trip for one week to attend the International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad or as it is better known as ISWEEP. They will compete against students and projects from over 60 different countries.

We are proud of all of our students and how they represented MNJHS.


Annual Fun Run


Yesterday, March 31st, we held our Annual Fun Run. Top placers from each grade received a T-Shirt. Below is a list of the top ten qualifiers in each grade, not necessarily in the order they finished.

7th Grade: Colby Orton, Colton Llyod, Clayton Orton, Tate Strasburg, Timothy Cole, Angel Salas, Sydney Hall, Brooklyn Peterson, Cooper Savage, and  Zayden Godfrey

8th Grade: Gabe Jockumsen, Jason Miller, Seth Judd, Bryant Giles, Chandler Johnson, Daxton Boothe, Samuel Devenport, Jacob Grant, Briana Bartholomew, and Tori Tribett

9th Grade: Brent Laker, Trevor Wilcox, Caleb Hayes, BJ Iverson, Keaton Broderick, Hunter Chapman, Cutler Johnson, Eliza Lindstrom, Bailey Savage, and Nicole Marsh