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April 2020

Book Talk Tuesday

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 19:13
Book Talks by Ellen-Anita Olson

The Story That Cannot Be Told by J. Kasper Kramer

Ileana loved to collect stories and she wrote them down in her books. By the time she is eleven years old, she has a big collection of stories. Her stories are folk tales and legends, stories about what life is like in 1989 Romania, and how life used to be before the communist rule. She has stories about going with her dad late at night to watch illegal American movies, stories criticizing the leader of the country, and other stores that might get her and her family in danger if someone found out. Her parents fear for Ileana’s life after her uncle disappears for telling stories. Ileana is sent to stay with grandparents she does not know, in the mountain, far away from the city. She learns caution, and eventually sees the brutality the soldiers are with the people in their little village. This is a gripping story, built on true events in Romania right before the fall of communism in 1989.



The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

Eli’s father is extremely wealthy and in anticipation of a nuclear war has built an underground compound where the family can live for at least 15 years until it is safe to come out again. When we meet Eli, he and his family have lived in the compound for 6 years, since Eli was 9 years old. Eli is extremely unhappy. His grandmother and twin brother, Eddy, was left outside, Eli has three new siblings that he has refused to meet, and his mother is close to having another baby. One day Eli takes his brother’s laptop and sits outside his dad’s office. He has internet, and makes contact with his twin brother! Wow! This book is worth reading. Enjoy!





The Lonely Dead by April Henry

Adele has an unusual gift, but people just think she is weird. Adele can see, and talk to, the dead. One day, walking home through a forested stretch of a park she sees her ex-best friend Tori. It takes a minute for Adele to realize that Tori is dead and sitting on her shallow grave. Adele must work with Tori’s ghost to solve Tori’s murder. However, what if the murderer finds Adele first? Wow – another great mystery from April Henry. We have other books of hers here in the library, including Girls Stolen, The Body in the Woods, and The Girl I Used to Be. If you like a good mystery, this is the
book for you. This title can also be found on SORA.




Out of Tune by Norah McClintock

I found this gem of a book on SORA. This is another great mystery. Alicia goes missing and the town, together with the police department, organizes a search party to search the woods where Alicia was last seen. Friends from school come to help, and Riley, Charles, and Carrie walk right next to each other. Charlie discovers Alicia’s body. Everyone is devastated. Alicia was well-liked and admired by everyone. She was a talented violin player.
Soon Carrie becomes the main suspect. Riley is not so sure and she starts looking for clues herself. Can she find the killer before the killer gets to her? There are at least two more books about Riley solving mysteries on SORA.





New Kid by Jerry Craft

New Kid, a graphic novel is now in our library. This is the true story of 12-year-old Jordan Banks. He loves art and wanted to go to art school. Instead, his mom enrolls him in a private school. He is very uncomfortable at this school. Jordan meets a variety of different students and characters. This is the first Graphic Novel that has won a Newbery Medal.






Sisterland by Salla Simukka

In Sisterland, we meet Alice and Marissa. Sisterland is a magical, wonderful place where it is always summer. Alice followed a dragonfly from her wintry, cold home to Sisterland where she meets Marissa. They become best friends and do everything together. The longer they stay in this summer paradise, the more they forget about their home. Will they be able to find their way back home? Will they be able to free the world from the clutches of snow and ice?


Another Book Talk Tuesday

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 04/21/2020 - 19:31
Book Talks by Ellen-Anita Olson

Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen

Wren is upset when her family moves from the Bay Area to Orange County. She feels she has no say, she is not being heard and takes out her anger in different ways. Finally, her parents have had it and they are the ends of their wits. They arrange for Wren to be part of a Desert Wilderness Survival Camp. Wren is picked up in the middle of the night, flown to Utah, driven into the desert and then made to hike for a long time. Wren soon discovers that anger will not put up a tent. Anger will not tie her bootlaces. Anger will not make her food. 

This book is amazing. It touches you in so many ways. The story of Wren gives you so many things to consider and think about. Wren’s story will pull at your heartstrings and she will stay with you for a long time. 





The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

The world has been devastated by the Seven Stages War has left the Earth a burned wasteland. The kids are the leaders of the future. To become those leaders, they have to be chosen for rigorous testing, then pass. Cia is chosen and she is so excited. Nobody from her village has been chosen for the testing for many years. The people thought their kids were not smart enough. They did not know someone was protecting them. As Cia is ready to leave on the train her dad whispers in her ear “don’t trust anyone.” Cia wonders if this is a warning of danger and darker things happening. She has to rely on all her knowledge and her wits to survive the daily grueling and deadly tests. 

I could not put this book down. It was a fast-paced page-turner. 

You will find yourselves cheering Cia on, giving her warnings (in your mind) and wishing her good luck all the time. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, you will certainly love this book.




The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle by Ann Renaud

Frank wanted to be an inventor and he was always experimenting when he was growing up. He had a lot of fun. This book shows how Frank never gave up, always stayed positive and if something did not work, he would change something and try again. Frank’s favorite thing to experiment with is liquids. He comes up with delicious flavored drinks. His friend loves it! Frank wonders what would happen if he froze his drink. He comes up with the all-time favorite invention – the Popsicle! So cool to read about Frank and his stick-to-itiveness. This is also a fun read-aloud for the whole family. Maybe you could even try making your own popsicles. I had fun with my children when they were little freezing their favorite drinks to make popsicles. 


Honeybees and Frenemies by Kristi Wientge

Flor is facing the summer, at home and working at her dad's mattress store. Her best friend is away at camp. Flor is forced into taking part in the Honeybee Pageant with her former best friend Candice. They work on their talents, a duet where Flor plays the recorder and Candice plays the piano. As part of the pageant service project, the two girls are helping Mr. Henry, a recluse, and clean up his yard. He ends up teaching them a lot about bees and beekeeping.  At home, the situation is tense, mom and dad always arguing. Mom wants to move from Ohio to New Jersey and Dad wants to stay. He feels obligated to run the store his dad started. Can Flor help her parents? Will her mom make them move? And will Dad come with them?.

Flor is a great protagonist. We see things through her eyes and I felt for her as she worked to help her parents, Mr. Henry, her dad and just trying to do things that they all wanted her to do. Flor has a lot of guts and gumption and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right. She gains respect for her Candice, as they again become friends. I really liked this book and I loved learning little known facts about bees in the process. I will book talk and recommend this book to the students at my school.  



The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Mason lives with his mother and has never known his father. On Mason’s first day of Kindergarten, he was attacked by a dog and has a big scar down the length of his face. Some people find Mason intimidating, because on top of his scar he is big and tall. He is so kind and so friendly, you’ll see. The only thing he has from his father is a CD where he can hear his father’s voice, but never see his face. One day, when he visits his mom at her work, this CD is playing and one incredibly beautiful react and asks Mason to help her. Mason makes a snap decision and takes the girl with her. With the help of his friend, jack, they get the girl to Jack’s cabin. There they find she does not know how to eat and swallow. She has strange marks on her legs. It does not take long to figure out that she is part of an evil and gruesome experiment. Now the three kids are on the run from an evil scientist and his followers. Will Mason and his friends be able to save the girl? This is a fantastic read. A real page-turner.





Dragonkyn by Nathan Smith Jones

Marc Mondragon lives with his mom in Rifle, Colorado. He is always getting in trouble or having crushes on the pretty girls. He rides his bike and likes to spend time with his best friend, Luke. Strange things start to happen to Marc, he cannot get hurt, he heals fast, and he has strange dreams about dragons. Marc is one of the few people that has ancient dragon DNA. Things happen fast and Marc finds himself in a new world. He needs to trust new friends and learn about the new powers he has and he needs to learn about the power within himself that connects all dragons.

This was a great read; I could not put it down. It was a refreshingly clean book. The story was fast-paced and full of interesting characters. Good and evil are clearly defined. I read it in one sitting, cheering for Marc the whole time.

More Books Featured on Book Talk Tuesday

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 18:52
Book Talks by Ellen-Anita Olson

Here's another #booktalktuesday with some recommendations from our librarian, Mrs. Olson. Books are available for checkout each weekday from 8 AM to 10 AM or digitally with the Sora app. See our website for all the book talks from Mrs. Olson as well as the link for the Sora app. #mtnebojhs #NeboSchoolDistrict #utahpublicschools #athomelearning2020

Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff

Anna, her father, and younger, disabled sister, live in their family home in Ireland. Anna's mother died and the older siblings emigrated to America. Anna works hard to take care of both her father and her little sister. She counts out how many potatoes each of them will need daily to survive. Even though her family has lived in the stone house they built themselves for generations, the English are raising taxes. If taxes are not paid, the English send in their people with battering rams to tear down and destroy the homes of the Irish. Anna's family home is threatened. Will Anna be able to save herself, her sister, her father, and her home?

We meet Anna in the aftermath of the great Irish Potato famine. The story is told in verse and is a fast read. The story is emotional and heartwarming as Anna and her father are fighting for their home and end up getting arrested. Anna has spunk, she's determined and she is very brave. This story put the whole Irish-English conflict in a different light and I could see it from the perspective of young Anna. I felt every emotion, every barefoot step she took and the cold and wet she experienced while reading this book. I loved this book and can't stop thinking of Anna, and of what all the Irish people went through and how they suffered. I highly recommend this book. 


The Miraculous by Wunder by Jess Redman

Ellis is 11years old and he believes in miracles. He keeps a journal of all the miracles happening all around him and considers himself a specialist on miracles, or a miracologist. However, everything changes when his baby sister dies at 8 days old. Wunder is very upset and gets rid of his miracle journal. He meets Faye, a girl who wears a cape and has her problems. They start exploring, hanging out at a big, abandoned house, meeting an old woman who asks for their help. This leads to Wunder and Faye on lots of adventures and eventually to friendship and even healing.

I liked how Wunder was such a positive and happy kid. He was always smiling and believed in the good in the world. He kept a journal of miracles, small and big, and he believed in all of them. That is until his baby sister died. Wunder works through his grief and mourning and eventually finds a way to look at the bright side again. I liked that the book shows that life has its good times and hard times and that we can get through the hard times and be happy again.



The Skylark’s War by Hilary McKay

Clarissa (Clarry) loses her mother right after she is born in the early 1900s. She grows up with a very distant and introverted father and an older brother, Peter. She helps Peter with his schoolwork but is not allowed to go to school herself, even though she longs to. The highlight of every year is summer in Cornwall with their grandparents and her cousin Rupert. When World War I breaks out, Rupert enlists. At first, Clarry doesn't realize the gravity of the war, but reality soon catches up to her when Rupert is missing in action.

I liked that Clarry was so kind, positive and that she set a goal and went for it. She worked hard and applied to school, going against the wishes of her father. I enjoyed reading this book and getting to know Clarry. I recommend highly recommend this book. It was well written and the story flowed easily. Very good reading.




Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy Warrior to Navy Seal by Jocko Willink

Marc just has had the worst year ever! The fifth grade was awful. He is excited for the summer because his Navy Seal uncle is coming to visit. He is sure his uncle Jake will help him transform into a Navy Seal so he can show off and stop the other kids from tormenting and bullying him. Will Marc be able to follow uncle Jake’s workout plan? This is a great book and we have 2 more books in this series in the library. It is a great read and I am sure you will love the story of Marc. Jocko Willink is a retired, real-life Navy Seal!






Brightwood by Tonia Unsworth

Daisy and her mom live a life of seclusion at Brightwood Hall, an old, crumbling mansion. As things are right now, Daisy and her mom can live for years at Brightwood without leaving the property. Still, her mom insists on buying more supplies. Every day her mom makes a Day Box and inside she puts a few items so they can remember that day box. They now have stacks and stacks of Day Boxes and have made narrow isles through them all to go from one place to another. One day, her mom does not return from her weekly shopping. Daisy is not worried at first, but as the days go by she does worry. A stranger comes to visit, claiming to be a relative. Strange things are happening.

Can Daisy evade the evil stranger? Will she work up enough courage to leave the estate and find her mother? What happened to her mother?

Daisy is a great heroine and a well-developed character. The book has good supporting characters and this is a well-written story. I loved it and highly recommend it.



Count Me In by Varsha Bajaj

Karina, Indian, and Chris, white, are neighbors and seventh graders at the same middle school. Other than seeing each other in class and riding the same school bus and they have no desire to be friends. It isn't until Papa, Karina's grandfather, come to live with them and Papa strikes up a friendship with Chris that the 7th graders begin to bond. One day, outside the school, Papa, Karina, and Chris are walking to the car when they are attacked by a man with a knife. Papa is knocked to the ground and violently kicked. Their lives forever change, as does the way they see themselves and their world.

I loved the book and I could not put it down. The story is well written, heartwarming and heart-wrenching. It is written with deep feelings and a touch of humor. Varsha Bajaj has written two seventh grade students so well. I liked how well she describes being an immigrant, working for the "American Dream," making your dreams come true and being the victim of hate crime. It also shows how good people come together, bond together, and help each other overcome the hate. I salute Karina, Chris, and Papa for standing up for what is good and right in their community and the world. There are a lot of good surprises in this book and I highly recommend reading it. This would also be a good read-aloud book because it has so many good discussion points in it - so many things to talk about.

Book Talk Tuesday

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 04/07/2020 - 07:19
Book Talks by Ellen-Anita Olson

A while back we posted about our amazing librarian, Mr. Olson, and her wonderful book talks that she would do for classes. Many asked which books she had recommended, so we figured we would do #booktalktuesday with some of her recommendations. Books are available for checkout each weekday from 8 AM to 10 AM or digitally with the Sora app.

Pixie Pushes On by Tamara Bundy

Pixie has been sent to live with her grandparents on a farm and she is not very happy about it. She feels that she is bad luck for everyone, and blames herself for her sister getting polio. She has to learn to do chores on the farm and collecting eggs is the worst - one of the chickens always attacks her. New hope springs up in her heart when her grandpa brings home a baby lamb that he wants Pixie to take care of. He warns her that the lamb is a farm animal, not a pet. She names the lamb Buster, and as he grows he follows her everywhere.

A delightful story, set in the 1940s, during World War II. Pixie has spunk, and she is very brave. She makes rash judgments and I loved how Pixie matured during the book and how she was able to deal with all her inner struggles. She even makes some unexpected friends. I kept cheering for Pixie during the whole book. Such a good read! I recommend this book.



The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill 

At the same time every year, the people in the village of the Protectorate have to leave a newborn baby in the forest as an offering to a witch that lives in that forest.

Every year, Xan finds a newborn baby in the same place and she does not understand why someone would leave a baby like that. She picks up the baby and takes to a village that will take good care of the baby. For the trip, she feeds the baby goats milk and starlight to make the child strong and healthy. One year Xan accidentally feeds the baby she just picked up the moonlight. Moonlight holds powerful magic and Xan realizes she cannot give this baby to someone else to raise. Xan locks the magic deep inside the child, a girl she calls Luna. When Luna approaches her thirteenth birthday her magic starts to appear, right on schedule. Danger approaches and Xan is far away. Luna will have to decide if she should protect the ones who have protected her even if it means the end of the world as she has always known it.

This is a delightful, new fairytale, sure to delight readers and become a classic. 



Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Maddy is going to spend the summer with her grandmother that lives in the Louisiana bayou. She is excited and scared. Her older sisters did not enjoy their summers with their grandmother and claims that she might even be a witch. However, as soon as Maddy arrives, she is enchanted by her grandmother, the bayou, and everything about living there. She loves the surroundings, the fireflies, and her new friend. She feels like there is something else – maybe even a mermaid!

This was an amazing book. I could not put it down. I discovered the bayou with Maddy and loved the vivid descriptions and language in the book. The book read like a “movie in my mind.” Maddy revels in the bayou, all the life, her new friends, the food and people that live there. I learned, through the eyes of Maddy, the impact of natural and man-made disasters on the environment. Maddy will stay with me for a long time.



Switched at Birthday by Natalie Standiford 

Scarlet and Lavender are two 7th grade girls. Lavender is an outsider, she is bullied but has love and support at home. Lavender is spunky and somewhat at peace with who she is.

Scarlet has a mother and stepfather that really don’t care that much and a rude step-brother. She knows how to dress and knows that she is popular and beautiful. Both girls want the lead in the school play. The girls have nothing in common, except their birthday. The morning after their birthday, the girls wake up as the other person. They need to figure out how to switch back to their own bodies.

This book was cute and funny, and I found myself laughing out loud at times. It was sad at times, but I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun book and a quick read.


All the Colors of Magic by Valija Zinck

Penelope lives by the swamp forest with her mom and grandma. The house they live in is run down and the paint is peeling, making it look like speckled red and green. Penelope calls it the "dragon house." Penelope is unusual because she has gray hair and she smells like smoke. She misses her dad and once a month he sends a dark gray envelope with $5 or sometimes, just sand. One day Penelope's mom was hit by a tractor and is in the hospital. Penelope wakes up with bright red hair, the road starts talking to her and she discovers that she can fly.          

I could not put this book down! It was a fun, fast-paced story and Penelope is a delightful heroine, and her life is full of unexpected, twists and turns. She takes matters into her own hands and brings the story to an unexpected end. I can't wait for the next book from this talented author. This is a great book!



Legends of the Sky by Liz Flanagan

Milla an orphan has been taken in by Nestan on the island country of Arcosi as a servant and companion to his daughter Tarya. While hidden in a tree a stranger hangs a beautiful pannier up in the tree to hide it. All her life Milla has heard the old legends about dragons and dragon riders. The man that hides the pannier is killed and Milla is frightened. She takes the pannier and hides it before looking inside. When she checks, she finds four beautiful, large eggs. Could they be dragon eggs? Will the dragons return to the island? She protects the eggs and finally confides her secret to her best friends, twins Tarya and Isak. The eggs are stolen. A mysterious woman, Kara, gives Milla a riddle. Milla has been present when the dragons hatch. Will she make it in time? What will happen when the dragons hatch? All this takes place while three groups of people struggle for control of the island kingdom. There is a lot of political struggle and finally a big uprising. Can the dragons and their riders help the people see that they can all live in peace?          

This is a wonderful, fast-paced, epic fantasy about dragons and dragon riders, the fight and struggle between Norlander, Arcosi, and Sartolan people. I could not put this book down. It was great. The characters and their struggles, good times and bad times were told and explained so well. The characters were so well written, they seemed real. The story became like a movie in my mind while I was reading it. It was great! If you liked Eragon, you will also love this book. 


UPDATE: Nebo Grab-N-Go Meals

Submitted by khristen.massic on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 11:21

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Beginning Monday, April 13th, Grab-N-Go meals will be restricted to free sites only. All other sites will be closed down in effort to consolidate resources. Meal pick-up will change to 10:30 a.m. through 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is available for all children, ages 0-18. Grab-n- Go meals will include both breakfast and lunch. Meal service will pause during Spring Break, April 6-10th. Please see the following to find a site near you. 

Free Grab-N-Go Sites:

  • Santaquin Area
    • Santaquin Elementary, 25 S 400 W
  • Goshen Area
    • Goshen Elementary 60 N Center- Closed Free Site (Goshen students/siblings only)
  • Payson Area
    • Barnett Elementary, 456 N 300 E
    • Mt. Nebo Junior High, 851 W 450 S
    • Park View Elementary, 360 S 100 E
    • Taylor Elementary, 92 S 500 W
    • Wilson Elementary, 590 W 500 S
  • Spanish Fork Area
    • Brockbank Elementary, 340 W 500 N
    • Diamond Fork Junior High, 50 N 900 E
    • Landmark High School, 612 S Main
    • Larsen Elementary, 1175 E Flonette Dr
    • Park Elementary, 90 N 600 E
  • Springville Area
    • Brookside Elementary, 750 E 400 S
    • Cherry Creek Elementary, 484 S 200 E
    • Meadow Brook Elementary, 748 S 950 W
    • Springville Junior High, 189 S 1470 E
    • Springville High School, 1205 E 900 S

With all paid sites being closed, remote site delivery will no longer be available at this time.

Please call Child Nutrition with any questions at 801-354-7438. We look forward to serving you.



Camille Canto
Nebo School District Child Nutrition Department

For Current Students: Student Council Election Information as of 4/2/20

Submitted by khristen.massic on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 15:27

Payson Jr. High

(everything is due by April 17th)

  • We will be holding elections at Mt. Nebo to elect 4 people for next year’s student council at PjHS.
    • 2 (incoming) 9th graders and 2 (incoming) 8th graders
  • Apply using this form
  • Campaign (it will all be online and digital)
    • Create a digital poster and/or a video about why you should be elected.
    • Contact friends at Mt. Nebo and encourage them to vote for you.
  • Teacher Recommendations - Send this form to all of your current teachers asking them to fill out a recommendation for you.
  • Speech/Essay - create either a 200-word essay or a 3-minute speech (on video) answering the following prompt and email it to Mr. Sumens before Apr 17th.
    • What do you think it means to be a leader? What are your leadership qualities? Why should you be chosen for student council?
  • Elections (Apr 18th - 23th)

Salem Jr. High

  • The StuCo at Salem Jr. is only for incoming 9th graders.
  • Fill out an application
  • Campaign (This has previously been done with posters, but there may be changes due to at-home learning.)
  • Interview with Mrs. Mendenhall and Mr. Brandon
  • Voting
  • For more information and details contact Mrs. Mendenhall (

Payson High School

The information is on a form in the front office at Mt. Nebo. It includes contact information for those overseeing the election.

Salem Hills High School

The information is on a form in the front office at Mt. Nebo. It includes contact information for those overseeing the election.

Supporting Student Mental Health at Home

Submitted by khristen.massic on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 18:22
Article by Lynette Muhlestein

There are no two ways about it; things have changed. With the widespread onset of COVID-19 in our country, there is hardly a soul whose daily life hasn’t been affected, so if you are feeling the strain, you are not alone! Times of uncertainty and upheaval have left us all feeling a bit lost. We want to make sure that our Mt. Nebo families have good resources for preventative mental health care as well as some places to turn if someone in the family needs additional support.

School Supports:

Although things certainly look different, we are still here for you! All Mt. Nebo students have received an invitation to the “Counseling Center” in Canvas. This online version of the counseling center is a work in progress, but we will be posting lessons, resources, and discussions regularly. Parents are welcome to set up a parent observer account to access the online counseling center.

The best way to get a hold of your student’s school counselor is via email, after which we can arrange to connect via phone or video call.

At-Home Supports:

We want to empower parents to have constructive conversations about mental health with their children not only all the time, but especially when things are hard. There are some really great resources available for families right now, and many paid services are providing free access because of COVID-19. We will be adding these resources to the “Parent Resources” module on Canvas as we find them. Here are a few we have compiled:

  • The Utah State Board of Education’s Project Aware (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) has released guidelines to help parents support their student’s mental health at home. These guidelines serve as a good foundation to support positive mental wellness for children and adolescents during these times.
  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention also has some helpful, proactive information on supporting mental health relative to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The good folks over at Why Try have a Parent Guide to Resilience that is available for free during the pandemic.
  • The Everyday Strong program by the United Way is a fantastic resource that is always free. The program encourages families and other community members to build resilience in children and recognize their needs in the face of anxiety and depression.
  • Mindfulness as a regular practice has been shown to have very positive outcomes for mental health, especially for those who struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings. There are many apps available, some are free. Calm is a favorite and Stop, Think, & Breathe is perfect for your little ones.
  • Our friends at Wasatch Mental Health have some really great articles and resources on their blog for those struggling during the pandemic.
  • We also highly recommend that if your student has an electronic device, they download the SafeUT app. SafeUT also has a website where students can chat anonymously with a clinician if they feel like they need support.

Where to turn if things feel a little more serious:

You will notice that a common thread in many of these resources is to just talk with your children. Help them feel safe and secure by providing structure and a listening ear. Keep an eye open for any red flags that your loved ones are succumbing to some more serious mental health problems and do not be afraid to reach out for help.

  • If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call Utah State’s Crisis Hotline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  • Wasatch Mental Health is our go-to community partner for families in need of mental health support.
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a fairly comprehensive guide to mental health resources for specific mental health issues in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensure that your teens know about the SafeUT app as a place that is anonymous and confidential. If the clinician who received the SafeUT app determines that intervention is necessary, a tip will be forwarded to the school for follow up.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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