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May 2020

Mt Nebo Junior High: Dear MNJHS Students: We Hope You "Have It All"

Submitted by khristen.massic on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 13:01

Our fabulous faculty and staff wanted to do something special for our students this year. We decided to be brave and have the courage to learn a song and then record ourselves singing it. Thank you, students, for being a part of our lives. "We truly hope you 'Have It All!'" Many thank yous go to Mr. Sumens who was the brains behind this project!

Advanced Chorus Audition Information for 2020-21

Submitted by khristen.massic on Mon, 05/18/2020 - 06:25

Dear Students and Parents,

It’s that time of year when music teachers are auditioning and putting together advanced classes for the upcoming year! Along with other changes occurring at Mount Nebo Middle School, we would like to create an Advanced Chorus with the incoming 6th and 7th graders. This will be a selection of students who audition and are selected for the opportunity. This is a FULL YEAR course!  Please note that if selected, and if you choose to participate, changes in your schedule will have to be made if you are only registered for a half year.

Those interested will need to do 3 things:

1.      Fill out the online audition form found here:

2.      Record and submit the required audition items in the audition form (Part 2 of the form).

        i.     Requirements:

1.      Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as a round with this link:

a.      Choose either the 2nd or 3rd entry/part to sing with.

2.      “I Love to Sing” exercise found in the form.

3.      1 minute or 16 measures of a song of your choice

4.      Sing “Happy Birthday” A Cappella

5.      Repeat phrase as played in the sample in the form (for tonal memory).

3.      Request the CURRENT school teacher to fill out the student evaluation form found here:

Please note you may practice items 1, 2, and 3 but DO NOT practice items 4 and 5.


Due date for these items is May 20, 2020!! The results will be posted by May 25.


Best wishes and good luck!


Tiffany Jacobson

Choir Teacher, Mount Nebo Middle School


Submitted by khristen.massic on Fri, 05/08/2020 - 11:49
Ryan McGuire, Principal


Mt. Nebo Junior High,

During this unique time in our history, we are grateful to you, your parents, teachers, and many others who have done so much to support your education during the COVID 19 pandemic.  As the end of the 2019-2020 school year draws to a close,  we thank you for your efforts. 

The following is a letter to help guide you through the grading process these last couple of weeks.  We encourage you to finish strong, and as always seek the help you may need from your teachers.  

Nebo School District and the state of Utah has provided information regarding grades based on recommendations from State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson. Based on this, the 4th term grading policy will be a “no harm approach.” 

We have outlined this practice below to ensure that you and your parents can work together to ensure your needs are being met. 

  1. Potential grades will be A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, P (Pass), or I (Incomplete).
    • Any student eligible based on the requirements can request a P (Pass) instead of the letter grade by going through the appropriate process (see below).
    • P (Pass) grades do not affect a Grade Point Average. The GPA will not go up or down with a P (Pass), and credit will still be awarded. (*See below for more information on P Grades)
    • The Aspire (SIS) system will reflect a letter grade until the end of the term when the teacher will change it to a P (Pass) or an I (Incomplete) where applicable. (See Chart Below)
  2. New Teacher assignments will end Thursday, May 14. No new additional assignments will be given after that point. May 15th will be a make-up day.
  3. Because we want students to continue learning and progressing, ALL work will be accepted until Wednesday, May 20th. However, in some circumstances, as arranged by teachers and students, work may be accepted until the end of the year (May 22nd).
  4. There will be no F grades given to any secondary student for 4th term. Instead, students may be given an I (Incomplete) and will have until December of 2020 to make up that grade.

Your teachers want to help you be successful and are eager to work with you to help you earn a passing grade for the 4th term. Our goal is to help all students reach the minimum level of a “P” grade.  Continue to work with your teachers these last couple of weeks to get there. 


  1. Standard Grade for work completed. A – D- 

  2. P (Pass) may be recorded in place for A - D -  letter grade.  

  3. I (Incomplete) may be recorded, and the student will have until December 2020 to make up the credit.


*Please read the following section for limitations for a PASS (P) grade. (This information is mainly for 9th-grade students.)


There are likely also other private scholarships that affect a small number of students that operate under similar circumstances.


There are some professional applications (including the health professions) in some institutions that don’t award credit for entry to students earning a P in a particular course.


The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) administered scholarships (including both Regent’s and New Century) will be unaffected by P/I, nor will local scholarships administered by Utah IHEs.

NCAA - For student/Athletes hoping to play at the collegiate level.  

Currently, the NCAA calculates Ps in two different ways. 

(1) The Eligibility Center will apply the credit earned in these courses toward the core course requirement in the student's certification. If the student's core-course GPA would increase by assigning a value of 2.300, this value will be assigned to the Passed courses. However, if the student's core-course GPA would decrease by including the 2.300 value for Passed courses, the student’s core-course GPA will be calculated based only on courses with assigned letter grades from other available terms (credit from these courses will still be applied toward the student's core course requirements). Note: This policy will apply to students from all grade levels (e.g., freshmen, sophomores) who successfully complete NCAA-approved pass/fail courses in Spring/Summer 2020. 

(2) In practical application, this means that if a student has a 2.0 GPA and they receive a P, that P will transfer as a 2.3, thereby increasing their overall GPA. If a student’s GPA is above a 2.3, all Ps will transfer as credit, but not affect their GPA.


En Espanol: 



MT. Nebo Junior High,

Durante este momento único en nuestra historia, estamos agradecidos con usted, sus padres, maestros, y muchos otros que han hecho tanto para apoyar su educación durante la pandemia de COVID 19. A medida que finaliza el año escolar 2019-2020, agradecemos sus esfuerzos. La siguiente es una carta para guiarlo a través del proceso de calificación en estas últimas semanas. Lo alentamos a terminar fuerte y, como siempre, busque la ayuda que pueda necesitar de sus maestros. 

El Distrito Escolar de Nebo y el estado de Utah han proporcionado información sobre las calificaciones basadas en las recomendaciones del Superintendente del Estado Sydnee Dickson. En base a esto, la política de calificación del cuarto término será un "enfoque sin daños".

Hemos esbozado esta práctica a continuación para garantizar que usted y sus padres puedan trabajar juntos para garantizar que se satisfagan sus necesidades.

  1. Las calificaciones potenciales serán A, A-, B +, B, B-, C +, C, C-, D +, D, D-, P (Pase) o I (Incompleto).
    • Cualquier estudiante elegible basado en los requisitos puede solicitar una P (Pase) en lugar de la calificación de letra pasando por el proceso apropiado (ver más abajo).
    • Las calificaciones P (Pase) no afectan el promedio de calificaciones. El GPA no subirá ni bajará con un P (Pase), y aún se otorgará crédito. (* Consulte a continuación para obtener más información sobre los grados P)
    • El sistema Aspire (SIS) reflejará una calificación de letra hasta el final del término cuando el maestro lo cambiará a P (Pase) o I (Incompleto) cuando corresponda. (Ver cuadro a continuación)
  2. Las nuevas asignaciones de maestros finalizarán el jueves 14 de mayo. No se otorgarán nuevas asignaciones adicionales después de ese punto. El 15 de mayo será un día de recuperación.
  3. Debido a que queremos que los estudiantes continúen aprendiendo y progresando, TODO el trabajo será aceptado hasta el miércoles 20 de mayo. Sin embargo, en algunas circunstancias, según lo dispuesto por maestros y estudiantes, el trabajo puede ser aceptado hasta el final del año (22 de mayo).
  4. No se otorgarán calificaciones F a ningún estudiante de secundaria para el 4to trimestre. En cambio, los estudiantes pueden recibir una I (Incompleta) y tendrán hasta diciembre de 2020 para recuperar esa calificación.

Sus maestros quieren ayudarlo a tener éxito y están ansiosos por trabajar con usted para ayudarlo a obtener una calificación aprobatoria para el 4to trimestre. Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a todos los estudiantes a alcanzar el nivel mínimo de una calificación "P". Continúa trabajando con tus maestros estas últimas dos semanas para llegar allí.


  1. Grado estándar para el trabajo completado. A - D-

  2. P (Pase) puede registrarse en su lugar para la calificación de letra A - D.

  3. I (Incomplete) puede ser registrado, y el estudiante tendrá hasta diciembre de 2020 para recuperar el crédito.


* Lea la siguiente sección para conocer las limitaciones de una calificación PASS (P). (Esta información es principalmente para estudiantes de noveno grado).


Es probable que también haya otras becas privadas que afecten a un pequeño número de estudiantes que operan en circunstancias similares.


Hay algunas aplicaciones profesionales (incluidas las profesiones de la salud) en algunas instituciones que no otorgan crédito por la entrada a los estudiantes que obtienen una P en un curso en particular.


Las becas administradas por el Sistema de Educación Superior de Utah (USHE) (incluidas las de Regent y New Century) no se verán afectadas por P / I, ni las becas locales administradas por las IHE de Utah.

NCAA: para estudiantes / atletas que esperan jugar a nivel universitario.

Actualmente, la NCAA calcula Ps de dos maneras diferentes.

  • (1) El Centro de Elegibilidad aplicará el crédito obtenido en estos cursos hacia el requisito del curso básico en la certificación del estudiante. Si el GPA del curso principal del estudiante aumentara al asignar un valor de 2.300, este valor se asignará a los cursos aprobados. Sin embargo, si el GPA del curso principal del estudiante disminuiría al incluir el valor 2.300 para los cursos aprobados, el GPA del curso principal del estudiante se calculará en función de los cursos con calificaciones de letras asignadas de otros términos disponibles (el crédito de estos cursos aún se aplicará hacia los requisitos del curso principal del estudiante). Nota: Esta política se aplicará a los estudiantes de todos los niveles de grado (por ejemplo, estudiantes de primer año, estudiantes de segundo año) que completen con éxito los cursos aprobados / reprobados aprobados por la NCAA en la primavera / verano 2020.

  • (2) En la aplicación práctica, esto significa que si un estudiante tiene un GPA de 2.0 y recibe una P, esa P se transferirá como un 2.3, aumentando así su GPA general. Si el GPA de un estudiante está por encima de 2.3, todos los Ps se transferirán como crédito, pero no afectarán su GPA.


Submitted by khristen.massic on Fri, 05/08/2020 - 10:23
Ryan McGuire, Principal


Locker Clean Out/Return School Books and Materials/Chromebook Check-In  -  Beginning Wednesday, May 20th students should come between 8 AM - 3 PM to clean out lockers, return books and check in Chromebooks. Please follow the guidelines below in planning your visit to the school:

    • All CDC/Utah county health department guidelines should be followed, including social distancing, wearing a facemask where possible, and sanitizing before and after your visit.  
    • We ask that, where possible, a healthy parent or other adult comes with the student to help them maintain the appropriate physical distancing from other students.
    • Bring a bag or backpack to take home locker contents.
      • Many students have not used their lockers this year and DO NOT NEED TO DO LOCKER CLEAN OUT.  If you did not use your locker don’t worry about this one
      • Please be sure to write down your locker combination and bring it with you to school. You will need the combination to BOTH your hallway locker and your PE locker.  Hallway locker combinations are available in Aspire (SIS)
    • If students need a Chromebook or other needed learning materials for make-up work in the last week, please keep and use them until needed or the 22nd, the last day of school.  
      • Please remember that no new assignments will be given after Thursday, May 14th.
      • All school materials must be returned to school by Friday, May 22nd. 
    • Books and other materials will be returned to a location near the main office and will be returned by school staff to teachers. 

We are recommending the following times to help with social distancing:


Wednesday. May 20th 

Thursday, May 21st

Friday, May 22nd

8AM - 11AM

Last Name A- C

Last Name H-K

Last Name P-S

1 PM - 3 PM

Last Name D-G

Last Name L-O

Last Name T-Z

Yearbooks - Yearbooks for our school will be shipped mid-June due to the yearbook company’s printing facility shutting down. We have selected the date of June 17th for yearbook distribution.  If it is possible to congregate we will have a yearbook signing activity outside and allow students to come and sign. However, if we are not able to meet as a group, we will likely do a drive-through pickup for yearbooks. Please stay tuned and I will get out a definitive plan when we can.  YEARBOOKS ARE STILL AVAILABLE and can be purchased for $32.00.  If you are interested in buying a yearbook please email or call the school during office hours 8AM - 3 PM each business day.  

En Espanol:


Limpieza de casilleros / Devolución de libros y materiales escolares / Registro de Chromebook: Empezando el Miércoles 20 de Mayo, los estudiantes deben venir entre las 8 AM y las 3 PM para limpiar los casilleros, devolver libros y Chromebooks. Siga las pautas a continuación para planificar su visita a la escuela:

    • Se deben seguir todas las pautas de los CDC / departamento de salud del condado de Utah, incluido el distanciamiento social, usar una máscara facial cuando sea posible y desinfectar antes y después de su visita.
    • Pedimos que, cuando sea posible, un padre sano u otro adulto venga con el estudiante para ayudarlo a mantener el distanciamiento físico apropiado de otros estudiantes.
    • Traiga una bolsa o mochila para llevar a casa el contenido del casillero.
      • Muchos estudiantes no han usado sus casilleros este año y NO NECESITAN LIMPIAR EL CASILLERO. Si no usaste tu casillero, no te preocupes por este
      • Asegúrese de anotar la combinación de su casillero y traerla a la escuela. Necesitará la combinación para AMBOS su casillero del pasillo y su casillero de educación física. Las combinaciones de casilleros de pasillo están disponibles en Aspire (SIS)
    • Si los estudiantes necesitan un Chromebook u otros materiales de aprendizaje necesarios para el trabajo de recuperación en la última semana, guárdelos y utilícelos hasta que sea necesario o hasta el 22, el último día de clases.
      • Recuerde que no se asignarán nuevas tareas después del jueves 14 de mayo.
      • Todos los materiales escolares deben devolverse a la escuela antes del viernes 22 de mayo. 
    • Los libros y otros materiales serán devueltos a un lugar cerca de la oficina principal, y el personal escolar los devolverá a los maestros.

Recomendamos los siguientes horarios para ayudar con el distanciamiento social:


Miercoles. May 20th 

Jueves, May 21st

Viernes, May 22nd

8AM - 11AM

Apellido A- C

Apellido H-K

Apellido P-S

1 PM - 3 PM

Apellido D-G

Apellido L-O

Apellido T-Z

Anuarios: los anuarios de nuestra escuela se enviarán a mediados de junio debido al cierre de las instalaciones de impresión de la compañía de anuarios. Hemos seleccionado la fecha del 17 de junio para la distribución del anuario. Si es posible congregarse tendremos una actividad de firma de anuario afuera y permitiremos que los estudiantes vengan y firmen. Sin embargo, si no podemos reunirnos como grupo, es probable que hagamos una recolección para los anuarios. Estén atentos y obtendré un plan definitivo cuando podamos. LOS ANUARIOS TODAVÍA ESTÁN DISPONIBLES y se pueden comprar por $ 32.00. Si está interesado en comprar un anuario, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame a la escuela durante el horario de oficina de 8AM a 3 PM cada día hábil.

Book Talk Tuesday

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 18:35
Book Talks by Ellen-Anita Olson

The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor

Mountain girl is trying to make her parents see how poor they are. She has called a family council to discuss the matter. Does she ask about her brothers' worn-out shoes? Or how his pants are all patched up? They have a homemade, scratched up table not a fancy one from a store. Her mother and father make great arguments for being rich just the way they are. They decide to keep track of the monetary value of things the things they value most. 

This little book is so uplifting and it makes you notice how lucky you are.





I’m In Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor

Byrd Baylor describes things to celebrate in life in the southwest desert where she lives. Let us all look for things in our lives that we can celebrate and maybe even write down our own celebrations. Some of the things I celebrate when the quail visit my back yard. I celebrate the day the quail brought all thirteen tiny chicks to eat seed for the first time. I celebrate the day the first crocus blooms every year. Look for things you can celebrate in your own lives.


Schedule a Face-to-Face Meeting with Your Counselor!

Submitted by khristen.massic on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 13:28

Face-to-face meetings with counselors are back! Because of the recent change in COVID-19 guidelines for the state of Utah, individuals may now meet with counselors. "The school counselor/social worker and student should both be wearing a mask and the appropriate 6 feet apart social distancing should be maintained." Calling ahead and making an appointment is recommended so these guidelines can be met. Need a mask? Follow this link to get one for free: #mtnebojhs #neboschooldistrict #utahpublicschools #utahschoolcounseling #pantherpride

Announcing 2020-21 Mt. Nebo Middle School Student Council!

Submitted by khristen.massic on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 09:50

WOW! We were astounded to receive over 100 applicants for our 2020-21 Mt. Nebo Middle School Student Council! All applicants received wonderful reviews from current teachers and principals and we are excited to have you in our student body and to continue to be leaders in your pods and classes. From those who submitted applications, voting took place this past week and we are pleased to announce your 2020-21 Mt. Nebo Middle School Student Council!

6th Grade 7th Grade
Brynlee Dymock Jac Christensen
Taggart Leatham Ailynn Correno
Anna Marvin Annistyn Gambling
Londyn Mattson Marty Grant
Benjamin Mckenna Brinley Jewett
Sophie Nemelka Danika Koyle
Shayla Parker Evan Nielson
Holynd Peterson Maddison Nostrom
Lily Shaw Abby Olson
Sydni Stevenson Chloe Peavler
Thatcher Sumens Gracie Raff
Miranda Walker Abby Rowley
Sadie Wells Jack Stahli
  Avonly Tervort
  Clara Wood
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