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Awards Assembly

Submitted by melissa.nielson on Fri, 05/22/2015 - 10:17

This week we held our annual Awards Assembly to celebrate all of our hard working students! Students were recognized for their high achievements with their grades as well as leadership and good attendance. The following are just some of the awards our students earned: 

Student who achieved a 4.0 in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade (pictured from L to R): JoLynn Paddock, Mason Lindstrom, Heidi Liddle, Janie Coon and Haylee Carlile.

9th Grade 4.0 all year: Tucker Bateman, Sage Boswell, Maddie Brown, Caleb Burch, Riley Chandler, Seth Christensen, Kimberley Cook, Ciara Ford, Giovanni Hull, Aubrey Montgomery, Fritz-Carl Morlant, Kylie Reynolds, Gavin Scholl, Addison Slade and Jaidon Tueller.

8th Grade 4.0 all year: Hayley Bassir, Travis Johnson, Eliza Lindstrom, Corianne Mangelson, Jordan Mathews, Leah Nelson, Jenna Osborn, Alexa Rosenberg, Michael Sandage, Bailey Savage, Dallin Southwick, Evyn Staheli, Gracie Stika, Heidi White and Jiajing Yi.

7th Grade 4.0 all year: Jessa Asay, Briana Bartholomew, Samuel Devenport, Bryant Giles, Michael Green, Korinne Huntington, Gabe Jockumsen, Kiera Nelson, Remington Seamons, Katie Solorzano and Lauren Voran. 

Congratulations to all of our hard working students!