Crystal Apple Award Winner - Ms. Brady

Adam Rees, Kelliann Wright
Natalie Brady - Crystal Apple Award 2018
Natalie Brady - Crystal Apple Award 2018
Natalie Brady, our MNJHS World Civilizations and Geography teacher, Girls Basketball Coach, and Student Council Advisor was recently awarded the Crystal Apple Award from the Utah Education Association.  Natalie was selected by her peers to receive this prestigious award.
MNJHS Faculty and students said the following about Ms. Brady:
Natalie is an amazing teacher, coach, and student council advisor at Mt. Nebo Junior High.  She maintains high expectations for her students in class and other activities and she  works hard to help them meet those high standards. 
She is always willing to help out and take on responsibilities when she sees a need and is a wonderful advocate for her students, department, and school.   
Building school spirit in a Junior High can be a challenge, but Natalie does an impressive job of getting students to take pride in Mount Nebo. 
She gets to know students as individuals and creates an environment which helps them live up to their potential.
Ms. Brady earns her student’s respect and sets high expectations, but in their words, “she is really chill when she doesn’t need to always be serious and has a great sense of humor.” 
Natalie is the kind of dedicated educator that is an asset to her school and her students and is very deserving of the Crystal Apple Award.


Congratulations Ms. Brady - WE LOVE YOU!!!