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District Science Fair Winners

Submitted by kaye.isakson on Tue, 03/04/2014 - 09:07

Congratulations to our District Science Fair Winners for 2013/14: The following students will represent Mt. Nebo JHS and Nebo School District at this year’s region science fair at BYU.

  1. Ashlee Daley and Kiyoko Steinfeldt who took 2nd place in Junior Division with the project “How Smoking Affecst the Lungs and Which Brand is Worse”.
  2. Keri Brailsford and Lianna Flake with the project “Digestion and Encapsulation of the Human Placenta.”
  3. Alex Christensen with the project “Optimization of Mining Sequencing”.
  4. Bridjet Lott who took 4th place in the 9th grade division with the project “Clear Conscience vs. Cigarettes.
  5. Bailee Philips, Brinley Day, and Jaquelle Huff who took 1st place in the 9th grade division with the project “Weaning Calves andTheir Health: 60 or 90 Days?”
  6. Hannah Wheelwright who took Grand Champion in the grade division with the project “Air Quality and Adolescent Sleep Study”.