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FREE MNJHS Panther Preschool Time - Sign up NOW!

Submitted by amy.ewell on Thu, 01/04/2018 - 10:31

One of our Discovery Classes this term is called Panther Preschool.  In this course students are discovering what it takes to be a preschool teacher, and becoming experts in early childhood development.  At the end of the term our class would like to put our skills and projects to the ultimate test, by opening the Panther Preschool.  Please complete the attached form if you would like to register your preschool aged child (3-5 years old) for the Panther Preschool on January 5th from 2:00-2:45.  You can bring your registration form to the MNJHS front office, get a copy of the form from the front office, or email it to

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