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How to Support Your Student with Math at Home

Submitted by khristen.massic on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 20:42

Mt. Nebo, as well as other schools in Nebo School District, are using Comprehensive Math Instruction (CMI) to teach our students mathematics and because of this, we wanted to give you some information on the program as well as some helpful tips from our teachers.

Mrs. Konda Luckau provided the following links and resources for parents from her favorite advocate for this topic, Jo Boaler:

  • Advice for parents, from Professor Jo Boaler

  • Consejos para padres, de la profesora Jo Boaler

Mrs. Amber Capell provided the following information about CMI:

  1. CMI looks different, but it is still the same math. 
  2. CMI encourages students to connect to math and explain the "why" and "how" in their strategies. Students may have different strategies than the rote ones older generations were taught because they are understanding the math instead of just doing the steps. 
  3. CMI produces critical thinkers who are prepared to contribute, discuss, and lead. It requires thought, group work, and presenting ideas in groups and in front of the class. These thinking and leading skills are transferable to any career path. 


1. Let your child struggle and talk things through when the math is different or difficult.

2. Ask questions like "what do you think would happen next?" "why did you choose this strategy?" and "can you see this any other way?" when they get stuck on math homework. 

3. Encourage thinking and explaining skills at home. Let them see you solve complex problems and how you solve them.

 Other resources recommended by our teachers:

  • How students should be taught mathematics:

  • Parent's guide - 6 ways to support your child's mathematical development - links in Spanish and English: