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Lion King Cast Announcement!

Submitted by amy.ewell on Thu, 12/22/2016 - 17:36
Rock White

Announcing the MNJHS Lion King Characters and CAST list: Congratulations and THANK YOU!

Young Simba/Simba: (Young Simba is double cast. Jordan Taylor and Keller Stinson.

Simba: Radyn Edwards

Mufasa: Radyn Edwards

Sarabi: Myra Vincent and Sarafina: Becca Cook

Lionesses: Hannah Bibler, Lexie Chlarson, Eden Reid, and McKenna Simons

Rafiki: Rosie Pierre

Zazu: (Also double cast. McKade Biggs and Emily Waite.)

Scar: Nicolas Hansen

Young Nala/Nala: Young Nala-Samantha Macfarland. Nala-Sage Siemer

Shenzi: Candace

Bonzai: Lily Oliver

Ed: McKayla Jarvis

Other Hyena’s: Melissa Peterson, Adric Jorgenson, Aaron Hempel, Victoria Chavez, Bailee Hansen and Denver Anderton

Timon: Goob Moyer

Pumbaa: Aeva McLauchlin