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Ms. Stewart's Class Writes Reviews and Receives Response

Submitted by khristen.massic on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 13:41

Students in Ms. Stewart's classes were tasked to write a review for their favorite products. Emilee Jackson wrote the following review of Crumbl Cookies:

"Crumbl Cookies is a delicious snack to buy when you are hungry, its warm soft cookies are the best with some cold milk. It is always packed with people, and very popular. You can get different kinds of cookies to choose from each week, and place them in a box to take home to eat. You walk in and smell fresh cookies, the young adults that works keeps it nice and clean. This warm and cozy place can deliver it to you, or you can pick it up anywhere in Utah.

"The warm and soft cookies are placed into a small pink box, but once you get home you open the box and the smell of deliciousness to where it spreads into the house. Crumbl Cookies are so soft and gentle that it can break so easy and smooth in the palm of your hand. They will make different kinds of cookies every week, but will keep the two original cookies out. The two popular original cookies are the sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. They will place out four other cookies every week, with some salty, sweet, and all the different kinds of flavors that you would never think of. 

"The taste, and texture of the cookie is very breathtaking. When you first open the box of cookies all you can smell is mouthwatering. Just by eating one cookie it will fill up your appetite and is very flavorful. It is always warm and fresh out of the oven, and very well prepared. The softness and melted chocolate of the cookie tastes excellent with an ice cold cup of milk. Crumbl will give out different kinds of cookies every week, some will be sweet but some might be sweet and salty. 

"The Crumbl store will be easy to find, it is placed in many different places in Utah. Some days it will be busy, but other days it won't. When you walk into the store it is very warm, and very spotless. They will make sure everything is nice and neat, to where I would not mind going into every day. The young kind workers will make sure everything that you bought is right. The service is very delightful. The prices are very reasoning. I can buy one box of cookies for only 10 dollars. You can have a box of cookies delivered to your front door for only 12.99. They open at 10AM, and close at 12AM to where if you needed a midnight snack or lunch break.

"Crumbl is a nice family cookie store, it is very delightful to walk into. It is very neat and tidy, and the service is outstanding. I definitely would go every day if I could, it fills you up very fast with a small glass of ice cold milk. Crumbl is very easy to find everywhere in Utah, and can be delivered. It is sometimes busy, but it matters at what time you would like to go. There are different kinds of cookies every week, and can give you a box of them for only 10 dollars. You will never get a bad result from Cumbl, and will get the best out of this place. 

"By Emilee"

Ms. Stewart was pleased when Crumbl sent Emilee the following response:

"Hi Emilee!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We get hundreds of reviews a day, but we loved reading yours because of all the details you provided about the store, the cookies, and why you like Crumbl! We use reviews to understand what is going right in our stores, and what needs to change, which make your review very helpful.

"We love how well you know our business model and changing menu! We think always having new flavors to try is one of the best things about Crumbl, and we are glad to hear that you think so too! Let us know if you have any ideas for new flavors, we'd love to hear them!

"We hope that we get to see you in the store again soon! Good luck with your schoolwork, and give Ms. Stewart a high-five for us. Sending you warm cookie wishes!

"-The Crumbl Coporate Crew"