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Mt. Nebo Celebrates Red Ribbon Week! October 28 - November 1

Submitted by khristen.massic on Sun, 10/27/2019 - 20:08

** When participating in our Red Ribbon Week theme days, please remember that School Dress codes apply. 

October 28th - Monday: Crazy Hair / Solid Color Day

“We are crazy about being drug free and solid in our stance against the use of illegal drugs and violence.” 

Students are encouraged to wear a crazy hair style and/or dress in a solid color for the day. Hair styles must be completed at home before coming to school.    

October 29th  - Tuesday: Nerd Day

Nerds are smart.  They don’t do drugs.  Be a nerd !!

Students are encouraged to dress as their favorite Nerd.  The world needs more nerds.      

October 30th  - Wednesday: Meme/ Sports Day

“When the Drugs hit you hard.  You are focused on not dying” 

Team up against the use of illegal drugs and violence.

Students are encouraged to Dress as their favorite ‘Meme’ or to wear their favorite sports jersey and or cap.      

October 31stThursday: Super Hero / Favorite Costume Day

Be a ‘Super Hero’ in the fight against illegal drugs and violence.

Students are encouraged to Dress as their favorite Super Hero or wear their favorite costume to show unity and support against illegal drugs.  (No masks or excessive face painting are permitted) 

November 1st - Friday: Dream Job / Hawaiian Day

 Aloha!     Take it easy on the beach and enjoy life.  Avoid the use of illegal drugs.  Stay away from illegal drugs and get your dream job! Drug use and work don’t mix!

Students are encouraged to Dress in Hawaiian attire or you may wear attire that represents your dream job, (Construction Worker, Teacher, Doctor, Pro Athlete, Nurse, Firefighter, School Counselor, etc.)