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Mt. Nebo Girls Tennis

Submitted by melissa.nielson on Mon, 10/20/2014 - 09:35

Congratulations to our Girls Tennis Team another great season! We had several girls participate and they had a wonderful time. These are the results of the district finals that were held on October 13th at Mapleton Junior High:


2nd Singles: Cheyenne Jensen placed 7th

1st Doubles: Kellie Dunn and Danika long placed 7th

2nd Doubles: Emaleigh Adams and Sam Parker placed 5th


1st Singles: Sammy Samuels placed 7th

2nd Singles: Kaity Smith placed 5th

1st Doubles: Tavah DeHart and Tori Tribett placed 6th

2nd Doubles: Clover Carter and Kimberlyn Madsen placed 4th

3rd Doubles:  Jessa Asay and Cora Anderson placed 5th


Team Members include: Clover Carter, Cheyenne Jensen, Jessalyn Asay, Tavah DeHart, Cora Sanderson, Danika Long, Tori Tribett, Kellie Dunn, Emaleigh Adams, Kimberlyn Madsen, Samantha Parker, Kaity Smith, Sammy Samuels and Melissa Ross.  They were coached by Natalie Brady and Mike Houghton.