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New Additions to Our Faculty for Mt. Nebo Middle Announced!

Submitted by khristen.massic on Mon, 02/10/2020 - 11:53

We are SO EXCITED to announce our awesome additions to our middle school faculty! Give a shout-out in a comment below to any of your former teachers who will be joining us at Mt. Nebo next year!

  • Beth Allred (currently at Parkview)
  • Austin Cope (currently at Barnett)
  • Mariel Dean (currently at Spring Lake)
  • Zach Evans (currently at Canyon)
  • Gregory Hunt (currently at Goshen)
  • Zach Nowell (currently at Wilson)
  • Sandy Olson (currently at Orchard Hills)
  • Denise Ray (currently at Spring Lake)
  • Gwen Spencer (currently at Barnett)
  • Rachelle Tolman (currently at Taylor)

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