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Panther Praise Winners Oct. 6-10

Submitted by kaye.isakson on Fri, 10/10/2014 - 15:55
Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to our panther praise winners for the week of Oct. 6th to Oct. 10th:

7th grade: Jaquel Bennett-Mrs. Capell, Jacklynn Noble—Mrs. Harmer, and Erica Loezo—Mrs. Hanks

8th grade:  Gage Emmons—Mrs. Page and Mrs. Cox, Parker Reynaud—Mrs. Lundell, and Erin Staples—Mr. White

9th grade:  Mystery Mansfield—Mrs. Harmer, Miguel Aquirrie—Mrs. Lundell, and Amelia Durfee—Mrs. Olsen