Payson Mayor Youth Recognition Award - Kennedy Ercanbrack

Mayor's Award - Kennedy Ercanbrack

Kennedy Ercanbrack – 9TH GRADE

Mt. Nebo Jr. High School

Kennedy Ercanbrack, an 8th grade student at Mt. Nebo Jr. High, was nominated to receive the Payson City Mayor’s Award for the month of January. Kennedy is a kind and considerate student at MNJHS.  We are thrilled to have her receive this award from the Payson City Council.

Here's what some of Kennedy's teachers had to say about her:

Kennedy is a smart, resourceful student. Kennedy immediately grasps concepts with ease and always provides thoughtful insights to class discussions. She is an accomplished student and a dedicated friend to her classmates. It is a pleasure to have her in class.

Kennedy has a plethora of great qualities: she is kind, intelligent, friendly to everyone, and she demonstrates great leadership. But the most impressive trait she demonstrates is that she is fearless.  In choir it is an intimidating experience to audition for a solo. And, even though she is so nervous she sometimes shakes, she has never missed an opportunity to audition. It is an impressive use of courage.  I am proud to have her in Women's choir.

Kennedy has a scientific mind.  She loves to push questions to explore the world around her.  Her persistence and determination to gain answers to her intriguing questions serves her and others around her well. Kennedy's ideas are inspirational. It is a pleasure to be her teacher.

Kennedy never shies away from responsibility. If she sees something that needs to be done, she does it without being asked. She always takes the lead when presented with a task. Not only is Kennedy a good academic student, but she is kind, thoughtful, understanding and fun to be around.  She is willing to learn and teach others. Kennedy is an excellent example of the ROAR of Mt. Nebo Jr. High.
Congratulations Kennedy!