Science Fair Success!

Adam Rees
Science Fair

Our MNJHS Science Fair was an amazing success this week.  We had 21 projects and 34 students participate.  We love seeing our student's brilliant minds at work as they come up with fantastic projects to display.  Please see our MNJHS Facebook Page for more photos!

Our 1st place Winner in her category and overall was Hannah Brokaw in the BioChemistry Category.

Other Category Winners include:


1st- Briana Bartholomew

2nd - Alexis Waters & Savanna Morgan

3rd - Stuart Charles, Jentry Coon, Caleb Adams, Emory Carter, Zoey Young

Behavorial Social Science:

1st - Sage Jackson, Michael Green

2nd - Alexa Garcia, Darina Pieper, Johnny Draper

3rd - Heidi Palomar

Heath Science:

1st - Danika Long, Sierra Edmondson, Tavah Dehart

2nd - Lauren Voram

3rd - Melissa Ward


1st - Aspyn Bagley, Cassie Johnson

2nd - Ethan Risenmay, Josh Mcknight, Jillian O'Bryant

3rd - Adelynn Degraw


1st - Hannah Brokaw


1st - Teanna McBride, Rosie Pierre


1st - Emily Burch

Earth/Environmental Science:

1st - Cameron Cowan, Luke MacDonald


1st - Jason Miller


1st - Cameron Scholl, Kyle Scholl

Underwater Robotics:

1st - Emma Lundell, Justin Stowe