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Students Benefiting from the Collaboration of the Pods

Submitted by khristen.massic on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 06:03

We are loving having our students grouped into pods. In case you aren't aware, our new middle school model schedule has been created to support the change from elementary school to secondary. Because of this, students are grouped into pods where they share the same math, science, and English language art teacher. 

"The pod system is set up to provide students with a home-base, or community of students, as well as a core of teachers to supervise and work closely with these students. This is the first time for our entire school to be in Middle School. Everyone is new, and everyone is learning a secondary school model (class changes, lockers, lots of teachers, etc.). Within the pod, teachers may explicitly teach some organizational skills, communication skills, and general study skills." Click here for more from our Pod Vision.

The teachers have been able to collaborate and come up with some great ways to utilize this schedule. One such way was to bring students together during our September minimal day to review content (photo shown here). Another, more recent collaboration, involved some of the pods setting aside time to help students complete missing work at the end of the term, as well as celebrating the accomplishments of students during the term.