Panthers of the Day for the week of 2/25-3/1


Congratulations to the following students for demonstrating the ROAR and being nomiated as Panthers of the Day:

  • 2/25: Elian Rodriguez & Alayna Boothe
  • 2/26: Jake Sorenson & Raenice Delgadillo
  • 2/27: Kanyon Ford & Victor Arce
  • 2/28: McKinley Judd & Karlee Thompson
  • 3/1: Cristian L. Rodriguez & Jaxon Depew

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Panthers of the Day 2/11-2/15


Congratulations to our Panthers of the Day last week; we appreciate all you do to help make MNJHS great! -2/11:  Alexis Baird & Matthew Stowe-2/12:  Allyson Beardall & Nathaniel Briggs-2/13:  Morgan Dalley & Ivan Hernandez-2/14:  Madison Bassir & Marco Hernandez-2/15:  Jenny Jaynes & Gatley Nielsen#pantherpride #mnjhs #discovermtnebo #ROAR

Panthers of the Day 2/4-2/8


Congratulations to our Panthers of the Day last week!  -2/4:  TaraLyn Mortensen & Jarrett Christensen-2/5:  Alex Hernandez & Savanna Ellsworth-2/6:  Harley Burger & Roger Magoon-2/7:  Blake Burraston & Carson Carter (not pictured)-2/8:  McKenna Christensen & Nicole FariasKeep up the great work students!  Way to show your ROAR!#mnjhs #pantherpride #discovermtnebo #ROAR 

Panthers of the Day 1/28-1/31


Congratulations to our Panthers of the Day last week!

  • 1/28:  Parker Cowley & Ashylynn-Kate Christensen
  • 1/29:  Kayden Thomas & Cherokee Turpin
  • 1/30:  Mallory Chapman
  • 1/31:  Chezney Ortega & Samantha Weight

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January Mayor's Award


Congratulations to Chezney Ortega on being the recipient of the January Mayor’s Award! One of her teachers said, “I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this recognition. I could tell you about the natural leadership that Chezney exhibits or I could expound on her obvious intelligence, but the most impressive quality that Chezney displays is her humanity. She is a great leader because she cares about those she leads and she accepts people as they are while lifting them to be better versions of themselves; and that is why the student council elected her to be their president. She represents the best of her generation.” #mnjhs #ROAR #discovermtnebo #pantherpride