Panther Praise Winners Jan 25th to 29th

Our Panther Praise winners for the week of January 25th to 29th

7th grade: McKatie Eden (Mrs. Lundell), Talia Petersen (Mrs. Olsen), Justin Nixon (Mr. Marziale)

8th grade:  Albie Holt (Mrs. Reber), Sadie Hill (Mrs. Dinkel), Erica Loeza (Mrs. Hanks)

9th grade: Mckiley Finch (Mrs. Miller), Mariana Zavala (Ms. Daniels), Erin Staples (Mr. White)


Panther Praise Winners Jan. 11th to 22nd

Congratulations to our panther praise winners for the week of Jan. 11th to 22nd:

7th grade: Gavin Hill (Mr. Marziale), Hailey Murri (Mrs. Reber), Kamryn Rupp (Mrs. Huff)

8th Grade: Caleb Adams (Mrs. Moxon), Adri Birchett (Mrs. Reber), Gentry Coon (Mr. Marziale)

9th Grade: Elizabeth Pollock (Mrs. Miller), Cole Hunter (Mrs. Wright), Amanda Butler (Ms. Daniels)


Panther Praise Winners Jan. 4th to 8th


The Panther Praise winners for the week of January 4th to 8th are:

7th Grade: Ben Baggaley (Mr. Marziale), Gabe Small (Mrs. Hatch), Deborah Laker (Mrs. Moxon)

8th Grade:  Justin Lamb (Mrs. Dinkel), Nic Hansen (Mr. Marziale), Alex Bang (Mrs. Miller)

9th Grade: Mariana Zavala (Mrs. Larsen), Breiann Carter (Mr. Hiatt), Trey Seddon (Mrs. Huff and Mrs. Olsen)


Five for Five Jan. 4th to 8th


Our students all qualified for the Five days of Perfect Attendance for Five Dollars for the week of January 4th to 8th.

7th Grade:  Sydney Hall ($10.00), 8th Grade:  Michael Green ($5.00), and 9th Grade: Hayden Heaton ($10.00).


Panther Praise Dec. 14th to 18th


Panther Praise Winners for the week before Christmas

7th Grade:Olivia Saldana (Mrs. Reber), Ruby Morales (Mrs. Larsen), Katelyn Kidrick (Mrs. Hatch)

8th Grade: Jarrett Christensen (Mr. Marziale), Valena Serano (Mrs. Hanks), Braxton Atkin (Mr. Marziale)

9th Grade: Jose Vazquez (Mrs. Olsen), Garrett Wood (Mrs. Daniels), Taylor Berg (Mr. Marziale)


More donations!

Nan Davis, Veronica Solorzano

Our very own Nan Davis Counseling Secretary/Registrar had the opportunity to deliver 40 blankets to the Huntsman Bone Marrow Transplant unit this holiday season. A very dear friend of hers passed away after receiving a bone marrow transplant. In his honor Mrs. Davis has chosen to have the students at Mt Nebo Jr High help her give back!  Mrs. Davis stated, “Cindy, his wife, had started a tradition of donating blankets to keep the memory of her husband alive and to keep the friendships made over those two years going. She had told me in the summer how low the supply of donated blankets gets, I took the idea to Mrs. Isakson in August of our students making these blankets and donating them. I feel very blessed to have been a part of making people smile!”  The Huntsman Center accepts donations of all kind, These “Graduation Blankets” are given to the transplant patients when they receive the transplant it's the beginning of a new life for them. They have to start over like a new born baby, building immunity for their new body.  Our students involved in The Latinos in Action, Junior Honor Society and Student Council all participated in learning how to cut and tie the fleece blankets that were donated. Thanks to their great advisers; Veronica Solorzano, Rebecca Reber and Coleen Huff.


For more information about donating to participating in helping this great organization go to 


Five for Five Dollars Dec. 7th to 11th


Our Five Dollars for Five days of Perfect Attendance for the week of Dec. 7th to 11th are:

7th Grade: Paulina Cruz won $15.00, 8th Grade:  Did not qualify, and 9th grade:  Shae Davenport won $5.00