Latino's in Action- Tutoring

Lizbeth T.
Kate F.

Latino's in Action (LIA) is a leadership class where our Latino students can use their bilingualism to tutor kids at Barnett Elementary each day. Our students tutor kids in all grades, and help in all subjects, with the purpose of promoting literacy.  The elementary students receive one on one tutoring from an LIA student.  We currently have 28 students from the 8th and 9th grade that participate in the class. They are required to meet GPA requirements, be bilingual and show a positive attitude and exhibit leadership skills. Our students do a great job showing leadership and service in the community and in our school!

Panther Praise Winners Jan. 13-17

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as panther praise winners.

Sydnie Sorensen (8th)--Mrs. Kirby, Sharon Woodhouse (9th)--Mrs. Isakson, Caitlin Slade (7th)--Mr. Busath, Rhett Hyer (8th)--Mrs. Olsen, Abbi Coles (8th)--Mrs. Kirby, McKadie Mories (9th)--Mrs. Isakson, Chandler Payne (7th)--Mrs. Huff, McKay Asay (9th)--Mrs. Isakson, Paco Arce (7th)--Mrs. Capell

Panther Praise Winners Jan. 6th-9th

Congratulations to the following panther praise winners:

Haylee Carlile (8th)--Mrs. Harmer, Chelsea Roylance (9th)--Mrs. Harmer, Kellie Dunn (7th)--Mrs. Harmer, Ali Christensen (9th)--Mrs. Harmer, Abigal Adams (7th)--Mr. Call, Isaiah Johnson--Mrs. Isakson (7th), Samantha Cole (8th)--Mrs. Harmer, Katelynn Sandage (8th--Mrs. Harmer

Teen Living Flour Sack Babies


The 9th grade students in Teen Living will be caring for their flour sack babies this week. Students have this assignment for three days and are required to leave a voice message for Mrs. Thacker one night between 1 and 3 AM. The objective of this assignment is for students to discuss why teenagers are not ready for the demands and responsibilities associated with parenthood. The students do a great job decorating their flour sacks and have a lot of fun with this project, but definitely learn the objective of the assignment and are ready to be done when the time comes! 


December Students of the Month


Congratulations to the following students for being named Students of the Month for December:

7th Grade: Tanner Peterson, 8th Grade: Rosa Magana and Millie Durfee and 9th Grade: Kate Figueroa

Panther Praise Winners Dec. 16-20


Congratulations to the following panther praise winners for the week of Dec. 16th-20th:

Michaela Baird (7th)- Mrs. Isakson, Eliza Lindstrom (7th)--Mrs. Isakson, AshleyDaley (9th-- Mrs. Isakson, Alaina Belk (8th)--Mrs. Isakson, Kristy Carter (9th)--Mrs. Phelps & Mrs. Cox, Gerardo Zavala (9th)--Mrs. Phelps & Mrs. Cox, Cooper Fenton (9th)--Mrs. Pehlps & Mrs. Cox, Absent: Austin Losee--Mrs. Isakson, Jeffrey Flinders--Mrs. Isakson

Panther Praise Winners Dec. 9-13


Congratulations to the following panther praise winners for the week of Dec. 9th-13th

Nakota Chilton (7th), Mrs. Hotchkiss, Kylee Haws (8th) Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Phelps, Drew Anderson (8th) Mrs. Reber, Gabby McBeth (9th) Mrs. Daniels, Leo Velazquez (9th) Ms. N. Brady, Dallin Southwick (7th) Mrs. Hotchkiss)

Panther Praise Winners Dec. 2-6


December 2-6 Panther Praise Winners

Front Row: Jentry Betts (8th), Nate Orton (7th), Luis Corona (8th)

Back Row: Holly Carbine (9th), McKenzie Tucker (7th), Hayden Heaton (7th), Ryder Fenton (9th), Riley Adams (9th), Devin Johnson (8th)


November Students of the Month

Kaye Isakson

The following students were chosen as the November students of the month for Mt. Nebo JHS. Included is the statement written by the nominating teacher.

7th Grade:  Gracie Stika--Gracie is kind, respectful and always willing to help

8th Grade:  Bracken DeGraffenreid--Bracken does her job without being asked and is always cheerful.

9th Grade:  Tiffany Herbert--Tiff takes care of others in class. She is a great student.

Student Council and Honor Society Students Rope Course

Ana Bermudez, Student Public Relations Committee

The National Junior Honor Society and Student Council members from Mt. Nebo went on a leadership field trip on November 12th.  After a few training games and betting on some old records we went to the high course. There were zip lines, rock climbing, a giant swing, and "the jump of faith." Everybody got to participate in at least one high course. We learned that winning is not always important but helping your team succeed is what really matters. It really helped us to see that winning isn't everything!