Mt. Nebo Girls Tennis

Congratulations to our Girls Tennis Team another great season! We had several girls participate and they had a wonderful time. These are the results of the district finals that were held on October 13th at Mapleton Junior High:


2nd Singles: Cheyenne Jensen placed 7th

1st Doubles: Kellie Dunn and Danika long placed 7th

2nd Doubles: Emaleigh Adams and Sam Parker placed 5th


1st Singles: Sammy Samuels placed 7th

2nd Singles: Kaity Smith placed 5th

1st Doubles: Tavah DeHart and Tori Tribett placed 6th

2nd Doubles: Clover Carter and Kimberlyn Madsen placed 4th

3rd Doubles:  Jessa Asay and Cora Anderson placed 5th


Team Members include: Clover Carter, Cheyenne Jensen, Jessalyn Asay, Tavah DeHart, Cora Sanderson, Danika Long, Tori Tribett, Kellie Dunn, Emaleigh Adams, Kimberlyn Madsen, Samantha Parker, Kaity Smith, Sammy Samuels and Melissa Ross.  They were coached by Natalie Brady and Mike Houghton.


Mt Nebo Golf Takes 3rd Place!


Our golf team had a very successful year. They all played well and did their very best. The team took 3rd place at the Nebo School District Golf Tournament that was held on Monday, October 13th.  Jarett Christensen was the top golfer of the tournament. He scored 84. Congratulations team!

Team Members:  Trevor Wilcox, Zack Nielson, Jarrett Christensen, Kayden Shelley, Drew Anderson, BJ Iverson, Riley Chandler and Tanner DeHart. Coach: Brett Christensen. 


Shakespeare Competition


Our school's Shakespeare Competition team worked extremely hard representing Mt. Nebo at this year's Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City Utah this past weekend. Students include: Keaton Reynolds, Nick Jeffery, Wyatt Perides, Maxwell Bennion, Brodee Steele, Vanessa Sabel, Caitlin Slade, Sarah Rawle, Kinzie Bigalow, Melissa Ward, Sage Jackson, Sariah Weakley and Erin Staples. We took 4th place in overall sweestakes score; 5th place in Ensemble scene, and Max Bennion took 8th place out of 43 monologues and Sage Jackson took 9th place out of 43 other competing monologues! It was a blast traveling down with our whole districts junior high competing teams and supporting all of Nebo School District! WAY TO GO!

Panther Praise Winners Oct. 6-10

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to our panther praise winners for the week of Oct. 6th to Oct. 10th:

7th grade: Jaquel Bennett-Mrs. Capell, Jacklynn Noble—Mrs. Harmer, and Erica Loezo—Mrs. Hanks

8th grade:  Gage Emmons—Mrs. Page and Mrs. Cox, Parker Reynaud—Mrs. Lundell, and Erin Staples—Mr. White

9th grade:  Mystery Mansfield—Mrs. Harmer, Miguel Aquirrie—Mrs. Lundell, and Amelia Durfee—Mrs. Olsen


Panther Praise Winners Sept. 29th to Oct. 3rd

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to our panther praise winners for the week of Sept. 29th to Oct. 3rd.

7th grade: Emma Lundell-Mrs. Bennett, Taylynn Sanderson—Mrs. Lundell, and Bradley Spencer—Mrs. Hotchkiss

8th grade: Jesse Gomez—Mrs. Hanks, Trinity Bradshaw—Mrs. Bennett, and Antonio Vigil—Mrs. Lundello

 9th grade: Giovanni Hull—Mr. Christensen, Isaiah Lance—Mr. Christensen and Austin Cotton—Mr. Christensen


Mayor's Award for September

Kaye Isakson

Corianne Mangelson, 8th grader, has received the September Mayor's award. She was recognized at the city council meeting on Oct. 1st. Corianne received this award because of the great example she is to others. She is kind and considerate to all those she associates with. She was recently recognized in the Provo Daily Herald for donating the proceeds from her lamb sale to a family in need. Corianne excels in her academics and strives to do her best in all aspects of her life.

September Students of the Month

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to the following students for being named students of the month for September:  Clover Carter (7th), Shawnee Anderson (8th), and Max Bennion (9th).


Panther Praise Winners Sept. 22nd to 26th

Kaye Isakson

Panther Praise Winners for the week of Sept. 22nd to 26th are: 

7th Grade: Garrison York—Mrs. Lundell, Yadira Vasquez—Mrs. Reber, Maycie Sorensen—Mrs. Robbins

8th Grade: Nate Orton—Mr. Vincent, Aubrey Ramirez—Mrs. Lundell, Treyton Orton—Mrs. Reber

9th Grade:  Adrian Ortiz—Mrs. Isakson, Derek Rightsell—Mrs. Robbins, Hannah Nielsen—Mrs. Capell


Panther Praise winners Sept. 15th -19th


Congratulations to the following students for being named panther praise winners for the week of Sept. 15th  - 19th:

7th Grade: Dallen Hunter (Mr. Vincent), Braxton Kilmer (Mrs. C. Hanks), and Zoey Young (Mrs. Harmer)

8th Grade: Cameron Capadonia (Mrs. C. Hanks), Hadley Johnson (Mrs. Hotchkiss), and Kat Larson (Mrs. Harmer)

9th Grade: Charity Pieper (Mrs. Harmer), Max Bennion (Mr. White), and Jentry Betts (Ms. Daniels)

Students Learn About Balancing Life Roles


Last week, the counselors taught the 7th grade students about balancing life roles. As part of the CTE curriculum, the efforts are to help students become knowledgeable about the world of work, explore career options, and relate personal skills and abilities to education planning and future career decision making.