MNJHS Public Relations Committee

Melissa Nielson

As part of the National Junior Honor Society, these students have signed up to help with school Public Relations. They will report about events and other good things happening at our school. If you have an idea, contact one of the students or Miss Nielson. 

Students Pictured (L-R): Sarah Rawle, Kinzie Bigelow, Heidi Liddle, Charity Pieper, Julia Johnson, Ana Bermudez and Max Bennion. Not pictured: Samantha Samuels. 


National Junior Honor Society

Melissa Nielson

The Mt. Nebo Junior High chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) recently held their induction ceremony. There are 55 members in the 8th and 9th grade. The purpose of the club is to offer leadership and service opportunities to its members while helping the school and community. Members need to have at least a 3.0 GPA, be willing to serve. have good character and desire leadership opportunities. These students participate in at least one individual and one group service project per semester. 

The NJHS elected officers are pictured (from left to right) Sidney Burrell- Vice President, Bridget Lott- Secretary, Daniela Ramirez-Treasurer, and Jessica Edmondson- President.

Nebo School District Parent Seminar on Youth Protection

Melissa Nielson

Dr. Greg Hudnall will be speaking on substance abuse, bullying, mental health/suicide prevention, and internet safety/pornography.  The seminar will be held on Monday October 21, 2013 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Boardroom of the Nebo District Office (350 South Main, Spanish Fork).

There will also be community resource representatives in attendance to answer questions you may have and to help you access services that may be needed for your student/family. 

Panther Praise Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to the following panther praise winners for the week of Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th

7th Grade: Tory Kimber--Mrs. Bennett, Jacob Smith--Mrs. McClain, Jose Vasques--Mrs. Cox, Ms. Phelps

8th Grade: Matthew Tervort--Mrs. Olsen, Kaylee Brimhall--Mrs. Harmer, Kenden Millet-Mrs. Lundell

9th Grade: Paige Davis--Ms. N. Brady, Greg Caulder--Mrs. Cox/Mrs. Phelps, Wyatt Scott--Mrs. Harmer


Welcome New Teachers!

Melissa Nielson
Mr. Busath, Mrs. Robbins, Mr. Sumens and Mrs. Hotchkiss

We have a few new teachers this year and now that they're all settled into the school year we had them pose for a picture and take a minute to tell us a little bit about themselves.  

Mr Busath teaches 7th grade English. He is from Livermore, California and his major is English Teaching with a Spanish Teaching minor. He thinks that the faculty here at MNJHS is awesome and that the administration and English department he is working with has been patient, kind and helpful.

Mrs. Robbins is our new Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA) and is doing a great job getting to know everyone! She is from Harkers Island, North Carolina and received her degree in Elementary Education at East Carolina University.  She has also received her Masters in Education Leadership at BYU. When asked what she likes about Mt. Nebo, Mrs. Robbins said, "My favorite thing at MNJHS is the people.  When I say people, I mean the faculty, staff and students.  The faculty and staff is amazing.  Everyone does what it takes to ensure that all students are learning.  The students are fantastic.  It is so fun to walk down the halls and see the students all grown up from my years at Goshen Elementary. I have loved my time at Mt. Nebo and look forward to getting to know all the students."

Mr. Sumens is our Choir Teacher and has an amazing voice! He is from St. George, Utah and graduated from Dixie State University. He has been so impressed with the students and how well they handle their lives and of course, their wonderful singing voices! 

Mrs. Hotchkiss teaches 7th and 8th grade Science. She is from Klamath Falls, Oregon and graduated from BYU with a degree in Biological Science Education. Her favorite thing about Mt. Nebo so far is the willingness of the staff to work together to help students learn and working with students.

Mrs. Kirby (not pictured) is new to our Resource Department and is from Vancouver, Washington. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Special Education with an emphasis on severe disabilities. Her favorite thing about Mt. Nebo is how genuinely kind our students are to those with special needs.




College & Career Readiness (CCR)

Melissa Nielson

All of our teachers will soon have these signs above their doors to show where they graduated from college. We are promoting a college-going culture here at Mt. Nebo. We hope that students will associate college with the adults in their lives and will also plan to attend! Governer Herbert has created the PACE plan to have 66% of the adult population in Utah earn a post-secondary degree by the year 2020.

Thanks to these awesome students for showing the signs off! 

Panther Praise Winners Sept. 9th - 13th

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to the following panther praise winners for the week of Sept. 9th - 13th. Listed below are their names and the teachers that nominated them:

7th grade: Shawnee Anderson-Mr. Christensen, Olivia Jerauld--Mr. Busath. Leah Nelson--Mrs. Kirby
8th Grade: Markus Nixon--Mrs. Bennet, Jarom Harris--Mrs. Olsen, Seth Erickson--Mrs. Reber
9th Grade: Tucker Brown--Ms. Daniels, Connor Davis--Ms. Daniels, Kindra Lundell--Mrs. Kirby

Panther Praise Winners Sept. 3-6

Kaye Isakson

Congratulations to the following students for receiving panther praise recognition and the teacher that nominated them.

7th Graders: Cole Hunter (Mr. Sumens), Hadley Johson (Mrs. Hotchkiss), Collin Cara (Mr. Busath)

8th Graders: Corbin Vincent (Mr. Griffin), Karsen Gabbitas (Mrs. Hotchkiss)

9th Graders: Daisha Uresti (Mr. Wright), Bailey Thompson (Ms. Daniels), Mattea Kester (Mrs. Capell)


Job Shadow

by Ben Wood
Job Shadow - Ben is webmaster for a day

What is job shadowing you might ask? Job shadowing is when you go with either a relative, a parent, or even your neighbor to their work, and see what they do for the community. Job shadowing is mostly done by Seventh graders, and for Mt. Nebo, Job shadowing was done today February 1, 2013. So for my job shadowing experience, I job shadowed David Wadley, who is the Webmaster of the Nebo District. 

After a brief preview of what a webmaster does, we posted a story on the Employee page. That may sound boring, but we were just getting started, the work became much more fun. My Grandma is also a webmaster for East Meadows Elementry. She asked me update the faculty pictures on her website, David and I decided to play a prank on her, and this is the picture we uploaded for her. ---> Monkey Wearing Glasses

She thought that was funny. After that bit of fun, we edited the logo for Diamond Fork Junior High School, then we approved and disaproved pictures, that had been submitted to the Nebo District random images that are featured on the district home page. (Here is one that got approved: Then to wrap things up, he made me type this article as my evaluation for my Job Shadow experience.

I've always said that I get to play for a living, and today my nephew Ben got to experience it first hand (I'm not just referring to the prank we played on grandma). It was fun to see him actually get excited about all the cool programs I get to use, and the variety of task that can actually be quite enjoyable. But, lest you think it was all fun and games, I made sure he got involved and actually did a good chuck of real "work".

Thanks for the help today.

David Wadley
Nebo School District Webmaster