School Policies

School Guidelines

  1. Show courtesy and respect by following directions from administration, faculty, and staff.
  2. Appropriate behavior is expected in the classroom, hallway, and school grounds.
  3. All faculty and staff are to be addressed as Miss, Ms., Mrs., or Mr. and at no time by just their first or last name.
  4. Be considerate of all school property.
  5. No tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs.
  6. Keep our school clean. Use trashcans.
  7. Follow all Nebo School District policies including: Students Dress and Grooming Standards, Closed Campus Policy, Attendance and Citizenship Policy, Safe School Policy, and Sexual Harassment Policy.
  8. Handholding and public displays of affection are not permitted at school.


 Dress and Grooming Standards

You are to follow these standards when participating in any school activity.

  1. Hair will not be distracting. 
  2. Clothing will be neat, clean, and in good repair.
  3. Do not write on clothing.
  4. Clothing/jewelry will not display suggestive words/pictures or advertise any substance of which you cannot legally possess or use.
  5. Jewelry, accessories, piercings, tattoos, chains, clothing, etc which is disfiguring or draws undue attention that distract, disrupt, or interfere with the learning atmosphere at school is prohibited.
  6. Clothing will cover shoulders, midriff and back, and must be of modest length.
  7. Shirts/blouses must have sleeves.
  8. No tank tops, halter or crop tops.
  9. No bandanas, chains, or clothing/jewelry that may be associated with gangs.
  10. Hats and sun glasses are not to be worn in the school building during school hours.


  1. ALL visitors must be cleared through the front office and wear the required visitor badge.
  2. Students not enrolled in Mt. Nebo Junior High School may not come to school as a guest of other students.

 Attendance: Hot Line 801-465-6033

You are required to attend each class, on time, every school day, unless properly excused. Repeated truancy, on or off campus, may result in a notice of truancy, habitual truancy citation, fees, fines, detention, suspension, Attendance Court referral, alternative placement, board release, or other interventions.

"Compulsory education violation" means a student between the ages of 6 and 14 whose parents have (a) intentionally or recklessly failed to meet with designated school authorities to discuss the student's attendance problems or; (b) failed to prevent the student from being truant an additional five or more times during the remainder of the school year after the notice of compulsory education violation meeting was held. Three tardies are equivalent to one unexcused absence.

Students who are habitually tardy or absent will be referred to the "In-District Court". This court is run by Nebo School District and is an option given when a student is not referred to Juvenile Court, but attend In-District Court with his/her parents. 

Mt. Nebo Jr. High is a closed campus. You may not leave the school grounds during the school day unless your parent or guardian signs you out at the front office.

Excusable Absences

  • Illness
  • Medical appointments
  • Family emergencies
  • Family travel
  • Student Activity/Travel

Absences must be excused within 2 days of absence.

Checking Out of School

  • A parent or guardian must come into the office and sign you out of school.

Make-Up Work

  • If you are going to be absent for several days, make arrangements to pick up your assignments so you will not fall behind in class.
  • Contact your teacher and complete any work missed.


Tardy to school? Get an admit slip from the office.

Tardy to class? Meet with teacher to insure that you were not marked absent.

Tardy Detention

  • Three tardies = 1 unexcused absence
  • Tardies not made up could result in suspension time being served
  • Unserved detention(s) may also result in your being ineligble for school activities. Including Lagoon!

Unserved detentions?

You may not be eligible to attend school dances, sports, drama, or other school activities.

Tardy Detention is held Monday-Thursday at 7:00 to 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 to 4:00, in Room 205.



  • Walk your bike on school property.
  • Mt. Nebo Jr. High School is not responsible for the security of your bike.
  • The fenced bicyle area is opened before and after school. If you need access during school hours, see the office.
  • You are responsible to bring a lock and lock your bicycle.

Rollerblades, Skateboards, and Scooters

  • No riding rollerblades, skateboards, or scooter, or healie shoes on school property. So if it has wheels, then walk it!

Parking Lots

  • These are off limits to students and can be dangerous during busy times of the day.
  • Please have your parents drop off and pick up in the loading/unloading zone on the North side of the school.


Report Cards

  • Report cards are issued four times a year at term's end.
  • Progress reports will be sent home at midterm.


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are held during the school year to discuss the academic and citizenship progress of students.
  • Spring Discovery Showcase: This give each student a chance to show-off academic excellence and celebrate their discoveries with parents.

Appointments With Teachers

If a parent needs to meet with a teacher or a counselor, they should call the school for an appointment during office hours at 801-465-6040.

MNJHS Grade Scale

A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
93.5 89.5 86.5 82.5 79.5 76.5 72.5 69.5 66.5 62.5 59.5 0.00



Electronic Devices

Electronic devices must be OFF during class time.

  • First Violation: Your electronic device will be turned into the office where you will conference with a school administrator. The student will receive a written ticket. Device is picked up after school by the student.
  • Second Violation: You electronic device will be confiscated and given to the front office. The student will receive a written ticket and a parent phone contact must be made for the student to receive back the device.
  • Third Violation: You electronic device will be confiscated and given to the front office. The student will receive a written ticket and a parent will need to pick it up after school.
  • Subsequent Violations: Your electronic device will be confiscated and given it to the front office. The student will receive a written ticket and a 1 day suspension. Parent must pick up the device. Consequences will escalate if further violation of this policy continue. 

Students and/or parent/guardians, as applicable, are expected to claim a confiscated electronic device within ten days of the date it was relinguished. The school shall not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for any unclaimed electronic device after this time period.

School Computer Policy

The right and privilege to use computers at Mt. Nebo Junior High School brings with it a great responsibility. The following rules have been established to help you understand the importance of being responsbile:

  1. The District Computer Use Policy will be strictly enforced.
  2. Game playing is only allowed during classroom instruction and with a teacher's direct supervision and permission.
  3. You may not be off-task (looking at other sites, etc.) at any time.
  4. You are allowed to print up to 10 pages of information during the school year with additional cost. Anything exceeding 10 pages will cost $0.05 a page.
  5. You are not allowed to  use a computer before, during, or after school without direct teacher supervision.
  6. Destruction of district and school computer property will not be tolerated.
  7. No food or drinks near the computers.

More information concerning the District Computer Use Policy can be found at

Odds and Ends


  • You will be given a citation any time you are in the hall without a hall pass.
  • Walk in hallways, do not block halls by forming large groups.


  • Eat all food in the cafeteria
  • No butting in lines
  • Clean up your own mess

Gum, Candy & Drinks

  • Vending machines are available before, after school, and at lunch.
  • Drinks and snacks may be eaten only in the halls by the cafeteria.


  • Lockers are school property. They are to used for school purposes.
  • Keep you locker clean. They will be checked throughout the school year.
  • Do not tell anyone your combination (even your friends).
  • Do not open other student's lockers.
  • No hitting or kicking of lockers.
  • If you have a problem with your locker, see the assistant principal.

Horseplay and Snowballs

  • Rough housing or any other disruptive behaviors are not allowed.
  • Don't throw snowballs. This can create school and/or legal problems for you.


  • All textbooks and library books are the property of Nebo School District.
  • Lost or damaged books will require fees for their replcement or repair.

Lost and Found

  • Lost and Found is located in the cafeteria. Items of greater value (i.e. watches, calculators, jewelry, wallets) are in the front office.


  • ALL medications taken at school must be cleared through the office and follow the Nebo School District Policy #JHCD.


  • It is best to leave these in lockers however, students are allowed to carry a backpack with them as long as it will fit underneath their desk and not cause a safety issue.


Appointments: Made with the Counseling Secretary Ms. Henderson. You will either see a counselor immediately or you will be given an appointment slip and be called later in the day.

Scheduling Changes: There is a $5.00 fee for any requested class changes after August 10th. This fee will remain in effect for the entire year.

Civil Rights Information

It is the policy of Nebo School District not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disablilities, or any other legally protected class(es) as defined by applicable state and federal law, in its education programs, activities, admissions, access, treatment, or employment practices. Questions, concerns, complaints, and requests regarding this nondiscrimination policy should be directed to the Director of Human Resources at the Nebo School District administration office, located at 350 South Main Street in Spanish Fork, Utah (801-354-7400). Additionally, concerns may be directed to the Denver Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 1244 Speer Boulevard, Suite 310, Denver, CO 80204-3582. Telephone: 303-844-5695; Fax: 303-844-4303; TDD 877-521-2172.